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  1. momsnotfuling

    One of the things I like about this “box”- when someone sees you struggling and they have already finished their WOD. They are willing to join you in yours and encourage you to finish. Other also give you a “Keep going” as they pass by. It was a long 7 rounds, but couldn’t have done it without ya’ll. Big Thanks!

  2. rwells01

    Two more weeks with the pins…. 🙁 Dr. said he could pull them today, but I would not be able to go anywhere near the box for 3-4 weeks if he did. So as a precaution he left them in for another two weeks.

  3. aggie93

    Ok, so I got 2 less reps on 12.5 than last year. However, I did the WOD with 25 more pounds than last year. So, If I did the math correctly that’s 2000 more pounds than last year in the same amount of time. I’ll take it!