SATURDAY 07-10-2010


SATURDAY 07-10-2010

9:00 am Always a challenge and always fun.

Here is what happened.

Fight Gone Bad- Gone Bad

Teams based on ability level, each athlete at a station.  Team cannot move to the next station until all members of team have completed their reps.

3 Rounds for time:

Row x 25 Cal

Sumo Deadlift High Pull x 25

Box Jump x 25

Push Press x 25

Yes that’s right no wall balls (not a single┬áthank you?).

Starting the day on the "Quarterdeck", I am pretty sure I know who the bent knee with the black Nike belongs to.

Melissa and Marianne executing with great form, while Gary at the far end seems to be sizing up our new 80lb KB. (anyone notice Melissa's shoes?)

Rowing...Texas....July....Relentless. Great job Silverbacks.

Drew is able to rest without putting the bar down.

4 Responses

  1. Tim M

    I LIKE Wall Balls!
    Way 2 go Std Men – 27:07.

    This WOD was a good one – more intense than FGB IMO.

  2. Dick D

    Couldn’t get in bc of work again. Barbara knocked me to my knees at the office though.

    28:02 Rx.

    I’m guessing the AC inside the office helped me out a little. Looks like I missed another good Sat. WOD see y’all Tues. night hopefully. If not then Wed morning for sure.