SATURDAY: 10-02-2010


SATURDAY: 10-02-2010

Saturday in the Silverback Nation is  a little different,  sometimes competitive and always fun.  Five teams competed for coveted title of Saturday Champion and the prize of a half eaten box of “Frank’s Double Fried Donuts”.  Ok, so there is no prize (no Frank’s either) but it’s still great fun with great people come on out and see for yourself.

Here is what happened:

Athletes in teams of 3 complete as many repetitions as possible of the following movements in the given time.  Only one athlete can work at a time except for the Tire Flip

“Just One More”

Team Tire Flip x 5 min (1 point for every 30 meters)

Burpees x 5 min

Pull Ups x 5 min

Row for Calories x 5 min

(Rest 2 min between each movement)

Loosening up, "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of OZ"

The men's teams came out of the box strong.

Carrie, Amy and Leslie weren't going to be outdone.

Johnathan and Drew take the first leg.

Gary and Tim take over for Johnathan and Drew.

3 Responses

  1. Buckeye76

    Matt, keep this WOD in the “bag of tricks” as it was very enjoyable in a sick, perverted, S&M kinda of way. Then again; that describes many of the WOD’s and the Crossfit Silverback community. Great to see the vetgerans and rookies there today.

    I am going to drink!

  2. Buckeye76

    Tought game for the Buckeyes today. They offensive played like they warmed up with wall balls, thrusters, and 500 meter row; in other words “in mud”. We won but it was ugly.

  3. Dick D

    Sounds like I missed another good one.

    Did CF Endurance stuff at the hotel. 12 x 1 min with 30 sec rest. going 10.5 pace and 1.0 grade on the “dreadmill”. Had to adjust “rest interval to 45 sec to accoomodate the time to slow and “re up” the machine.

    Heck of a workout in the afternoon as well. 15 min AMRAP of 7 Burpees, 5 DB Power Cleans, 3 DB Front Squats, 1 DB Push Jerk (all @ 1/4 Body Weight)

    Good one for all of you who hang out at hotels like myself.