ALWAYS FUN, ALWAYS DIFFERENT: The Houston Rodeo (more like the morning after) cut into our population in the Silverback Nation this morning, but hey “Work hard, play hard!”, and oh do we work hard.  Check out below.

At 9 am:

5 min:  Tag Team Jump Rope / Renegade Manmakers:  A1 Jumps rope while A2 Does Renegade Manmakers.  When A2 completes 3 they get to “take” the rope.  If A1 fails at jumping rope they must give the rope to A2.


Team tire flip x 50m 2 team members flip 3rd member Farmer Carry.  Run x 200

AMRAP 20min

Betsy meets the Renegade Manmaker, I don't think they are going to be friends.

Jess, Jules and Val made a great team.

On his first anniversary Steve leads a team of new faces, Very Silverback.

4 Responses

  1. Dick D

    No weight workout by necessity.

    Run 600 meters at 1% grade
    10 burpees

    repeat doing 9, 8, 7, 6…1 Burpees

    did an extra round at 2 for some reason.

    so 6K run with 57 burpees in 34 min (includes getting the dreadmill going each round)

    Why 600 meters each round? I have no idea it just kinda pop’d in my head that way.

    Did some shoulder presses on a machine for the strength WOD 5×5 at 55 Kilos.

  2. Russell Wells

    Great work out!!!

    I only had to go vertical once!!

    Those tires were a SOB, and it’s pretty bad when the 110lb farmer carry equates to a rest…