We will open at 8:00am  for the first of the Games workouts.

At 9:00 we will kick off our regular workout.  Come on in early and cheer these hard-chargers on.


Val, Matt V., Garrett and Brad tore into the WOD to finish what Zach started on Friday.  No pics this week (forgot I can’t take pictures while I judge).  Any volunteers?

Brad’s 212 (thanks to the best rope skills out of the group) currently has him tied for 90th out of 260 in the “Masters Division” world wide.  Everyone else held their own and are currently mid pack with 5 WODs (weeks to go). Come out to the Saturday WOD an hour early  and see just how intense CrossFit can get.

The rest of us mortals did:

Eva, me and a freind

With a partner tag team, 5 rounds for time.

Run x 800m

KB Swings (2 pood) x 30

Pull Ups x 30

Jeremy and Casey made a winning combination.

Dick's son Chris is still nursing a broken collar bone, so Dad did all the pull ups and swung the 80lb KB (yikes).

When you have a rest interval it's crucial you push even harder during the work. I think Laura definitely "cracked the code" today.

14 Responses

  1. Casey

    Great job this morning Garrett, Matt V., Brad and Val!!

    I was actually on the verge of tears when Brad and Val finished, it was so emotional. I really admire you guys for taking on the challenge.

    Same with watching Zach yesterday, I was off to the side pressing into the air as if I was somehow helping him get those last GTO! When he finished the WOD, I felt like I needed to rest.

  2. Matt Vaughan

    Super fun doing the Games WOD this morning. It’s a great feeling when the spectators are just as intense as the people doing the workout.

    Staying for the Saturday class was also an interesting experience. I’ve been laying down for the past hour and a half and I’m not sure when I’ll get up.

  3. brad

    thanks, Matt P and Casey, for your support (btw – 211 to be exact; Matt V nailed 212)

    Dick – if you swung an 80 lb KB 150 times today, and 150 pullups, that is insane.

    I’m sure the hardcores have seen it by now, but HQ extended the cutoff date for the 1st wod to March 27 (an extra week due to all the technical problems they’ve been experiencing). So…..what does that mean? It means we all get a second shot if we want it (Garrett, I’m guessing, is definitely going to try it). It also means that those of you who question your DU skills have another week to work on them (Mr. Douglas…). And, on the downside, it could mean that HQ is pushing back the entire comp by a week which would cause me to miss the final wod.

    1. Dick D

      I didn’t do all the KB swings. Chris was doing one arm KB snatch so I got a break there. He did one arm assisted Pullups the first two rds and I did the last three rounds for him. He carried me on the run.

      I guess I’ll try to get the Double unders nailed down the next few days.

      That was one serious WOD today. I would at some point like to take on Eva solo just to see how I can measure up.

      Great job by the games folks. It looks so easy on paper, but that is one nasty couplet.

  4. Casey

    Jeremy, You were the best partner a girl could ask for today! You carried me through this WOD. I thought I would be an asset on pull ups and I was a complete liability. Sorry.

    Oh, Harry, awesome job today!!

  5. Valerie

    Thats kewl about HQ extended it another week… I will be practicing some more… not sure if I will be doing it again though.. I can’t imagine me getting any better with DUs in a weeks time… I enjoy the comp, but honestly aint foolin myself thinking I’m making it to “The Games”… I cracked under peer pressure and decided to give the open a chance.. I know my limits and am perfectly happy with them…

  6. ryan

    If this is TMI then stop reading, but I had a vasectomy Friday morning, no CF for a week. I anticipate gaining 10 lbs and I can’t wait to come back. It will be a rough week at work as I am now accustomed to working out before work, and the days I don’t I feel sluggish and tired.

    Props to all those with sights on the games. You are all studs. Best of luck!!!!!!!

    1. Dick D

      Uh. the “v” word is not allowed in my house. I recommend spending at least two weeks alone with the frozen peas nearby. You need the alone time just to try and get to your “happy place”. …dang it, who thought up that procedure anyway? Yikes.

  7. ryan

    PS: Double D is an animal, a robot. I am no longer surprised by posts about his amazing feats. If he isn’t competing he should be.

    1. brad

      Roger that. DD is a beast. Ryan – Good luck with the frozen bag of whatever on the uh, impacted areas to reduce inflammation.

      Props to my wife, daughter, Lynn, Jim, Zach, Val, Graig and anybody else who did the Warrior Dash today. Silverbacks representing.

  8. Matt Vaughan

    I’m willing to do the games workout again next Saturday if others are. I encourage everyone to give it a try. Even if DU’s aren’t your thing, I’m sure there will be other wods where your skills really shine. Plus the games website will let you scale the workouts if you need to. A common scale for double unders is 4 regular jumpropes:1 Double Under.

  9. Russell Wells

    Had a great work out today. I was teamed up with Matt V. for the Eva WOD and we managed to take off 5-6 minutes from my first Eva WOD that I did on my very first Saturday 02/19/11.