YES, The GIC and crew will be out supporting Val and John O. at October Obliteration III  (First heat starts at 8:30)

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  1. After putting the Saturday morning crew through Fight Gone Bad I punished myself with a altered version of Linda. Since I only have one bar at the house I did all the Deadlifts, then the bench presses and finally the cleans. So here is what it looked like:

    10, 9, 8 7….3,2,1 for time of

    1.5 times Body Wt (265#) DL
    Body Wt (175#) Bench Press
    .75 times Body Wt. (135#) Clean

    50 minutes total. I paused for about 90 sec between rds 10, 9, 8 and 7 on each exercise, then started shortening the rest intervals. Only paused long enough to change weight between exercises. Pretty trashed after. This WOD done the Rx way is probably faster but more brutal. I’ll try again in a few months.

    Sunday morning started with a 5K time trial through the neighborhood. Finished at 23:34 (about 3:30 off of where I want to be). I was ok until the 15 minute mark and then form, pace and concentration fell apart. I guess I know which time domain I need to work on. I was happiest with the fact that I didn’t walk during the last mile (I wanted to sooooo bad). These runs are so much easier with other people running along side you.