Saturdays: Always a great group at 9:00 am from across all of our workouts.  Great effort in the great outdoors.

So here’s what happened: Teams of 2 at no time can the athletes be working on the same movement.  In other words; the faster you move than your partner, the more rest you get.

Squats x 45

SDHP x 7

5 rounds

The Silverback Nation in the front yard showing the world what we are about. (The world looked worried).

Chris had one of his best days yet and stayed focused to the end.

Nothing but effort for a 10:33 1st place, we might need make sure they don't team up again.

You know with a small wardrobe change they would make a fair pirate crew.

2 Responses

  1. Tim M

    Great workout Silverbacks!

    Thanks for carrying me along to 1st place Brad!

    Did you see the funny looks we got from cars passing by? I guess the sight of people doing real exercise is totally foriegn to some . . . . .

  2. brad

    I like team wods. I picked my partner wisely. 225 squats and 35 SDHP gave the hips and knees a good workout