Heres what happened: Zach did a fantastic job in his first standard men’s competition.  There were a total of 3 WOD’s.  The bulk of the first was 185lb cleans where Zach timed out 4 reps short.  The next workout was perfect for Zach, 3 rounds of  10 x Renegade Manmakers and 15 x Double-Unders.  He finished out a very long day with a weighted run wearing a 45lbs and an 85lbs sandbag.  The rest of us stayed cool under the tent and the Silverback banner getting to rub elbows with great athletes from all over the region.  A huge congratulations to Zach and all the athletes who took up the invitation to compete and fought so hard.  Final results have not been posted yet, but if you gave it everything you have, does it really matter?


Zach tore through his first round of "manmakers" without a single pause



Back here at the box 9:00am

“Tailpipe” variant

Team Member 1: Row x 250

Team Member 2: Push Press (static hold overhead for entire 250m)

Team Member 3:Lunges (duration of 250m row)

Three Rounds for time.

4 Responses

  1. sleepyjingli

    I am having trouble breath right just reading the descriptions of Zach’s competition.
    Great effort!
    What a inspiration for all of us in the Silverback Nation!
    So proud of you!

  2. Buckeye76

    Overall, Zach finished 25 out of 41 athletes. Wod 1 he finished 29 out of 41, WOD 2 he was 15 out of 41, and WOD 3 he finished 35 out of 41. Four (4) minutes seperated 13th place and Zach’s 25 overall finish.

    Excellent job Zach.