9:00 am Always a good time in the Silverback Nation and with this weather it’s just that much better


Angie (Gone Crazy) it could be argued this is a modified Barbara but either way grab a partner and give this a whirl.

Pull Ups x 100

Push Ups x 150

Sit Ups x 200

Squats x 250

Only one of you can work at a time.

21 Athletes burned it down this morning, if you missed out this week don’t let it happen again.  Showing up for that first workout is the second toughest day in CrossFit.

Yes pictures have been sparse as the camera has been a little fudgy this week.  We should be back on track Monday

6 Responses

  1. Dick D

    It was a lot of fun working out with the boy. He was smokin the sit ups. Great crowd this morning. Brad, I hope you have a great trip and we’ll see ya when ya get back.

    Looking forward to Monday evening. Matt, thanks for doing what you do brother. This is becoming such an integral part of my life. I just can’t replicate the intensity that I get from working out with the Silverbacks. I just feel alive when I walk/crawl out of there.

  2. brad

    With drew, 18:05. Could not touch the Dynamic Douglas Duo. Nice job, boys.

    See you in a few weeks. I will miss the heavy stuff.

  3. Ryan

    …remember. Angie is a tough girl. Woke up quite sore this morning.

    Note to self: don’t try to post from cell phone.

  4. Jonathan

    Dang, Matt, you always do he fun stuff when I can’t make it…been wanting to make a run at Angie for a while. Hoping we might get a run at solo Angie soon! In Buenos Aires this week, hope to see you all Friday morning. Guess I’m missing the power challenge. 🙁