Twenty-two brave souls ventured into the Silverback Nation this morning for a big dose of hard work and great fun.  Here’s what happened:

Athletes divided into teams of 4, only one athlete works at a time.  All sets must be unbroken.  As soon as an athlete stops to adjust or catch their breath they have to hand off.

For time:

Row 2000m

Deadlift x 200

Push Press x 200

Box Jumps x 200

Val is still trying to figure out how she got stuck on the only 2 person team. (Fewer reps but also less rest)


Stephanie and Chris trade the rower for the Deadlift.


Anthony literally pulling his share of the load.

Funny how discomfort can focus the mind. Steve appears VERY focused.

Jess and Stephanie still flying high on the final movement. Appearently Johnathan has some gas remaining in his tank as well.

11 Responses

  1. Ryan

    Looks like it was a great time. I’m currently in Waco in a parking lot with both kids watching a leap frog movie while my wife is shopping. Jealous?

  2. Trey

    Well i wasn’t able to go to this one today because of work but Matt was nice enough to give me my own something to do today.
    Warm up- high knees, butt kickers, 20- 3 count jumping jacks, short light run
    WOD- Descending ladder of knees to elbows 10 to 1 while doing an ascending ladder of burpees 1 to 10 for time. 8:32
    Then i finished it off with a 3 mile jog. 24:03

  3. Dick D

    I think Jonathan must have been a cheerleader in HS rather than his claims of quarter back. That pose looks alot like a Friday night football game.

    Had a great day yesterday with my crew. That was a fun workout once it was over and we got our lungs back in our chests.

    Did the Houston Half Marathon this am downtown. Back loosened up around mile two and had a good time going at he halfway point (50 min = 7:45ish / mile pace). Around mile 9 or 10 the wheels fell off!!! The walking breaks became very frequent after that. I will say that I was much stronger and efficient when working my way over the rolling terrain between Memorial Park and downtown. When I was running I was moving pretty good. However, I need a couple of more months of consistent running (CF Endurance style) to get the endurance to keep going for more than an hour and a quarter. The finishing times are not up on the website yet but unofficially I stopped my watch at 1:51 (8:28 per mile). That’s about 5 or 10 minutes slower than I was hoping for but I don’t think I could have gone much faster. With improved endurance I would hopefully be able to take out the walking breaks and get the times back down where I want them.

    There were at least a half dozen runners wearing five fingers. I ran with one guy for a couple of minutes and yes he ended up dropping me in the last 2 miles. His strides were extraordinarily efficient and quick.

    1. Dick D

      73rd out of 218 in my age group. 1:52:52 total time. 1st half 52:xx and 2nd half 1:00:xx. 478 out of 2750 to 3000 participants. and the 75+category (who was 75) finished in 1:58:23. Now that “Old Timer” has got some freakin WHEELS!!!!!!!!

  4. drew

    Jim et al. I think Jonathan is happy because he finished ahead of everyone else. You might call it a “victory dance.” Have a great week