SATURDAY at 9:00


SATURDAY at 9:00

More than a few Silverback’s came out Friday to work off their turkey torpor.  Now for Saturday it’s time to get back to serious fun.

Or I guess you could go shopping, right?   right?  yeah that’s what I thought.


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  1. Friday travel WOD,

    Round 1: predawn hammer fest from hotel to diamond head park (~ 4 miles) to get sunrise photos…winner!

    Not sure on the pace or exact distance but it was an absolute PR type pace because I left the hotel late and didn’t want to miss the fireball coming out of the ocean.

    Round 2: tempo cruise down to beach from diamond head, 5 x 10 deadhang pullups in ocean front park. then tempo cruise back to hotel.

    Covered about 15 – 20 K in pieces.