LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED (Just sounds weird coming from me right?)

6:00PM Saturday the 11th (adults only please)

10400 Rodgers Rd
Houston, TX  77070

(Rodgers is near the Chic-Filet on the west side of 249 N)

The grill is ready to go, we know what games we will play on the big screens and Bear has an open foosball challenge to any takers.  What we need from y’all is a decent head count and what sides and desserts you want to bring.  Remember the “Paleo Lamp” is not lit, so bring on the fun stuff, don’t worry you’ll still fit in you trousers on Monday. (No promises on Sunday)

Just let us know what your plan is  (are you coming and what are you bringing) by leaving a comment on this post.

7:30 am Saturday is the Klein Bearkat Bash 5k where a number of Silverbacks will be participating. 

9:00 am Saturday we will be up to our usual shennanigan’s with a group workout

11 Responses

  1. momsnotfuling

    Tlim and I will also be at the Bearkat Bash. I am hoping to make it back to the start line in time to run the 1k with Ana, if I don’t make it, tag Tim you’re it.

  2. Dick D

    I’ll be missing this one due to work. I’m 1 for 3 at SilverBack gatherings. One of these days I’ll get to take on Bear in Foosball. See y’all next time.

    Gig’em Ags!!!!

  3. Casey

    I am purchasing burgers this afternoon. Please respond here if you plan to attend and want to eat 😉

    Many girl-rillas have emailed me, no need for you guys to re-post.

    1. LAURA

      Hey I haven’t gotten booked to work for this weekend as of now….so I think that means I can come! Please tell me what you need me to bring, but also that it will be ok if it ends up not there in case I get called to work and can’t go.
      I was thinking I could do devilled eggs…or an apples n cheese tray….?? I also have TONS AND TONS of liquor….do they need tequila for marg. machine? I think I have 2 or 3 half gallons of teq.