SATURDAY MORNING WORKOUT:  We will be supporting the Grand Opening of Fleet Feet this Saturday morning by holding our 9am workout at their new location on the NW corner of Champions Forest Dr. and Louetta (the old Hollywood Video).  The General Manager and fellow Silverback, Dan is challenging their customers to train with us.  So come on out and up your game with a little friendly competition and comaraderie.

Judi leads the Sit Up crew on one of 10 sets.

Jim flying high on the 24 in box

Tanya finishing strong!


Poker Night: Greg and Tiffany have offered to host a poker night at their house.  Here’s the scoop.
Saturday, June 11, 2011
7:00 pm Things to Bring If you have them:Poker Chips
Decks of Cards
Cash ($20 Buy-In)
Whatever you are drinking (BYOB)
Food of some sort, preferably the finger variety(not mandatory) (some sort of main dish will be served, probably brisket or similar)
Chairs (Lawn or Fold-Out)RSVP is not mandatory, but would be appreciated for planning purposes.  RSVP can be sent to [email protected]

3 Responses

  1. Russell Wells

    Looks like everyone had fun. Too bad Micki and I had to help out with Alec’s Swim Meet this morning or we would have been there.

  2. Judi had quite a day………won a free pair of shoes AND got featured on the website!!!

    Great turnout! Thank you to Fleet Feet and Danny for having us out!