That’s right, you get to mix and match.  Pick any of the WOD’s from Mon – Thurs.  Feel like a rematch or maybe make up one you missed and don’t forget the deadlifts.  C’mon life doesn’t give you many second chances.

Kelley's muscle zen kept her up there for a while.

Nothing to see here folks just Anna, doing 5 x 5 at 220lbs.

Brad picked a big weight and stuck with it all the way through. GREAT EFFORT SILVERBACK!

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6 Responses

    1. Listen Lady, you did great. Did it take you to a rarely visited side of the ole pain threshold? …Probably. Don’t sell yourself short Mrs Wilson, you knocked it out of the park this morning. I prefer to think of the bug issue this way…you were the shoe that smashed the bug.

      Now, if we want to talk about how sore our legs are from Wed, then I have a sympathetic ear.

      “That’s all I have to say about that”…Mr. Gump

  1. Ok, so my morning was similar to Casey’s. The running and pullups were in my “wheelhouse” but I have so much work to do regarding anything overhead that the relatively light 85#s I was “pressing” became my daily dose of kryptonite.

    Lsits: 38ish, 20 something, 20 something, and 17ish (I’m a very exacting kind of guy)

    WOD: #4 (4 rds of 400m run, 15 pullups, 15 shoulder press (@ .5 Body weight): 16:18

    I will say that for all the suffering at least the weather was perfect.

    2nd WOD (performed at noon after required “honey do list” was completed and before heading out for work):

    CF Endurance: 2-6 x 800m run with 3 min rest ( I chose 3 reps since I’m still scaling my way into this programming and I went with 3 – 4 min of rest just because I can and …well, that’s jut about it..because I can).

    “It went a little something like this” : 1= 3:08, 2=3:12, 3=3:06

    Low volume? sure but I think once you factor in the rest of the week’s WODs and such… well, at least I’m tired. Maybe the 20 somethings could handle a little more volume but I’m starting to think I need my essential geriatric rest periods.

    Later Taters