SUNDAY (4th of JULY)


SUNDAY (4th of JULY)

On this date 234 years ago 56 men from the original 13 colonies signed a DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.  By signing their names to this they officially declared themselves in open rebellion to the crown, their lives and fortunes forfeit, and war with the greatest naval and land forces in the world.   They also officially declared that God creates us all imbued with inherent rights that no government is permitted to take. But the part we often overlook.  They declared it officially!  Have a happy 4th and raise a cold one to the original “Band of Brothers”.

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  1. buckeye76


    Eloquently stated. Thank you and the “Band of Brothers’ for the freedoms we have. We MUST not forget those that gave some and those that gave all.

    GOD Bless the United States of America.

    Jim, Lynn, Zachary, and Corey Stewart.

  2. Linda

    Happy 4th! I declare officially that I live in a wonderful country and thanks to those who have made it so.
    PS: Daniel says that if you look closely at this picture one of the signers seems to be standing on the foot of another person. Ah, the education system 🙂

  3. Rachel

    As I told the girl-rillas, I am a “long-time” reader, first-time blogger. While I said I was not one to leave comments, I cannot help myself on this day. We are blessed by the founders of this country and everyone who stands up for it to this day. Thank you, and may God continue to bless our country!
    “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD,” Ps. 33:12

  4. Gary

    Thank God for all of the men and women dating back to the birth of our country who Have sacrificed their lives and livelihood for the lives of those they loved and for their love of country. Freedom is not won without great cost and sacrifice. Men naturally yearn for freedom, but what will inspire us and our own children to stand against tyranny, if they do not know intimately their rights an freedoms bestowed upon them through the Constitution and Bill of Rights that our forefathers so sacrificially gave thier lives. The sad fact is that our Constitution and factual American history is no longer taught in our public schools and universities. I encourage everyone to educate yourselves, your children, family, and friends what we never learned in school, so that these God given freedoms may never be taken away. Please check out

    God Bless America.