THE FINAL 300 YARDS (Saturday)


THE FINAL 300 YARDS (Saturday)

Hey Silverbacks, the toughest part of any offensive operation is closing the final 300 yards.  Your hard work and the progress on the build out exceeded all expectations.  This Saturday we will leave the relative safety of our trenches and make the final push to move our daily workouts into the new space. Steve will finish the pull up bars tonight and some basic painting and carpentry is all that is left. So let’s go and plant the Silverback Flag on Saturday before we salute OLD GLORY on Sunday.  My thanks to all of you for all of your contributions during this time.

No FUN de MENTALS this Saturday

9:00 Yes we will kick off Saturday with our always entertaining Saturday WOD.  If you have been wanting to check out the Silverback Nation (and our expanded space) this is the day to do it.

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  1. Gary

    Hemeyers plan on helping for a little while. Plans to take our friend visiting from France out on the town later in the day.