1.  WE’RE NOT OPEN ON SATURDAY THE 18TH.  The GIC (Gorrilla in Charge) and your motivated trainers are doing a training/team building event.  Go do something fun and active, enjoy the benefits of your  hard work here and we will hit it hard on Monday

2. WE ARE STARTING A NEW 6:00 AM CLASS ON MON, WED, FRI-Requests just kept coming in, usually from the most sleepy of you.  So lets see just how fast we can grow this class.  By the way, since you are getting more sleep I will expect more effort.  SEE YOU MONDAY  the 20th

3. THURSDAYS WOD IS THE SAME AS WEDNESDAY: (this is for your own good)  The rowers have been humming the past 24hours.  Great work Silverbacks, what we do hear impacts our lives in nearly every way, now that’s real “sweat equity”.

Like greyhounds after the electric rabbit.

Afternoon, "a little warmer" just as intense.

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  1. ryanoakley1

    First week at Crossfit Silverback! It was great to meet all of you. Thanks for being so nice and welcoming. As sore as I am, I was actually kind of sad to learn that the Wed and Thurs WOD are the same and I didn’t get to wake up at 4:20AM this morning and come and work out. That either makes me crazy or you all awesome. Probably a bit of both.

    I’m off to the windy city so I won’t be there tomorrow, but I have my trusty travel WODS printed and packed. See you Monday morning bright and early.

    1. Casey

      Yes, Ryan, I am hoping there has been a grave mistake and your gravatar is not supposed to be Richard Simmons……….

  2. Ryan

    Great! It did work! Just not immediately. I signed up for gravatar and then posted and nothing showed up.

    Yes, it is Richard Simmons. Show some respect for this fitness icon. I couldn’t just start out with some Mr. Olympian, or whatever. This is a pictorial metaphor for my fitness progression. As I improve, so will the physical stature of my gravatar.

    Eventually, it will be me. Hairless, glistening with oil, tan, kipping like it’s nobody’s business. For now, it is Richard Simmons.

    Don’t put the cart before the horse. Or, in this case, don’t put Schwarzenegger before Simmons.