6:00PM (adults only please)

10400 Rodgers Rd
Houston, TX  77070

(Rodgers is near the Chic-Filet on the west side of 249 N)

The grill is ready to go, we know what games we will play on the big screens and Bear has an open foosball challenge to any takers.  What we need from y’all is a decent head count and what sides and desserts you want to bring.  Remember the “Paleo Lamp” is not lit, so bring on the fun stuff, don’t worry you’ll still fit in you trousers on Monday. (No promises on Sunday)

4 Responses

  1. Lynn

    Jim & I had a great time last night, good to see everyone and thanks Gary, Christina, Matt & Casey for all your hard work.

  2. Casey

    Last night was great, what an awesome community.

    Thanks to all you guys who stayed to clean up, I’m so sorry I had to leave.

    Next social, I am not allowing Gary to do any work, so we need a new concept!

    When I was a teacher I always had to design my room around the two boys who had to be seated as far away from each other as possible……..I was reminded of this concept last night when chatting with Jim and Steve……..oh my heaven’s!

  3. Tim M

    We had a great time too & definitely a HUGE thanks to Christina, Casey, Gary, & Matt ! ! !
    So nice to meet Ann, Clive, Joel, and Ryan!

  4. Laura

    Thank you to everyone who made it possible to have the get together! I know a few of you really put in a lot of work and I know it was appreciated by all! Thank you thank you! It was so nice to hang out with everyone outside of the box. I really enjoy everyone so much and am glad I know all of you 🙂