Just wanted to make sure everyone had a heads up!

FUN de MENTALS I  7:00 am SaturdayThis is the first of two introductory classes for our new athletes, (more experienced members are welcome as well).  Here we will explain the Crossfit Methodology in depth, establish sound techniques and baseline strength measures.  Then hang around a few minutes and hit the Saturday WOD.

Saturday FREE Workout: 9:00am If you have been wondering what that guy or gal at church or the office can’t shut up about.  Or maybe you have been watching us on the internet, this is the best opportunity to come out and meet the Silverback Nation and see if it’s for you.

Volunteers Needed: Still working toward a big relaunch.  Are you handy with a screwdriver or paintbrush?  Most of the heavy lifting is over, now its the fun stuff, stay after the WOD and we will put on the Pat Green and  cold drinks while we get some work done.

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  1. Dick D

    Really wish I could be there this Sat. I’m not gonna be back til late Sunday and will probably be toast for Monday morning.

    I need the fundamental work and would love to help around the construction site (it’s so much easier to work on other folk’s projects than tackle my own).

    Headed to the gym here for the CF Endurance workout. See ya Monday.