WOD: 01-02-2010


WOD: 01-02-2010

2010: Both friends old and new showed up to ring in the first workout of the year and pay for the excesses of the past year or make a down payment for the coming year Silverback Style.

Tabata Unusual: with the year 2010 and Tabata 20 – 10 intervals I’m surprised more people didn’t see this coming.  Unusual refers to the movements you don’t normally see intervals applied to.  I believe everyone found it ……..effective.

KB swings (for Brad: he always wants more)

Plank Holds

Wall Ball


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Digging deep and working hard, 2010 in the Silverback Nation

With a group like this on day one, it's gonna be a great year! Thank you for all the hard work and fun.

10 Responses

  1. TimM

    Bring it on Gorilla-chief!
    I’ll be there at 0900; may even have the kids in-tow.
    Happy New Years to all!

  2. MarnieG

    Thanks for having us Matt!! The place looks great and it was good to see you again! Super workout, I know I will be feeling it tomorrow!! 🙂 Take care!

  3. L McC

    I feel beat up but I somehow had enough left in the tank to pull weeds and clean out my car! Great way to start the new year. It was so good to see Matt, Casey & Tim. Thanks for letting us stop by.

  4. Casey

    This has been quite a week, and to think I had just started walking normal again!
    Mary, Lana, Marnie, Beth & Lauren- It meant the world to me to have you guys this morning. I miss you all so much. Cassie, it was great to meet you, glad you gave CFSB a try. Silverback Nation has officially welcomed in the new year……….I can’t think of a better group of folks to do that with! 2010, very clever Matt 🙂

  5. Mary

    Matt, Thank you for including us in our first WOD for 2010. Casey and Tim it was just wonderful seeing you both again.

    Wow, this morning I certainly paid for my “excesses” over the last two weeks. And, yes, I found the WOD to be “effective”! (Great choice of words, Matt.) Thank you to Lauren for encouraging me during the Tabata moves. Like Lana, I had a list of things to do around the house this afternoon. However, unlike Lana, I did none of them. In fact, I took a nap on the sofa and I never nap!

    Thank you also to the Silverback Nation members for so warmly welcoming us. It was a fun and invigorating morning! Happy New Year to everyone. Come visit us at CFChampions.

  6. brad

    Fun times at CFSB this morning (except for Gary hurting his back). Nice having a big group. Thanks to the CFC ladies for ringing in the new year with us. Impressed with those who could jump rope for 3:00 w/o a flub. Thanks to my rotation partner for the motivation.

    Yes, Matt, KBS is one of my weaknesses that needs to be attacked. But, really, don’t feel compelled to punish the others for my benefit….

  7. Gary

    Wow! Great to see so many people there this morning. Enjoyed watching our guests try the side skip. That’s always good for a few chuckles.

    Disappointed that my back kept me from doing the workout with everyone. Not going to let it stop me,

    Proud to see my oldest step up and join us this morning. She’s got in mind a few friends from school she’d like to test next Saturday.

  8. Beth

    Matt and the whole CFSB crew – thank you for having all of us this morning! It was very challenging but also fun to see you all. The gym looks awesome, it is great seeing you so fired up Matt, you deserve it! Casey, as always, it was great seeing you and hope to have another CFC/CFSBGNO again soon.
    Brad, you kept me going too, thanks for being a great rotaion partner.
    Happy 2010!!!!

  9. Lauren S


    It was so great to see you all yesterday and share the challenges of working out with the Gorilla Chief once again! I so miss that! Great workout…tough…..challenging, and always a good component you haven’t done before to make you feel like a goofball and crack up your friends…that would be the side step!! 🙂

    Thank you Matt and gang for the hospitality….Matt, the gym is looking great! We miss you!