WOD 01-04-2010


WOD 01-04-2010

“Grenade”: Explosive movement generated from the hips for an interval that will challenge stamina to maintain  ballistic pace but not become endurance focused.

Deadlift x 20

Box Jump x 10

AMRAP in 3 min

1 min rest

total 3 rounds

Laura on her way to a new PR of 115lb on Push Press

New athlete Nikos puts up some impressive weight in just his second week. Welcome to the Silverback Nation

16 Responses

  1. Linda

    Great to see all the new faces this morning and get in a Monday am workout. Way to go Lynn, Susane and Germaine! Started new year with PR of 70# on the push press with encouragement from Christina. For WOD did 95# deadlift and 12″ box. 1st time= 1 round 15 reps DL. 2nd time- 1 round 8 reps DL. 3rd time- 1round. Gary, glad to see you and hope you are feeling better. Zach, thanks for moving my bar before the wod. Just general shout out to Jim, and Brad. 🙂

  2. Casey

    I’m still not sure what to think of this WOD. One thing you can count on is Matt will always keep you guessing. When I see AMRAP, I am assuming I will get multiple rounds……….not the case. That whole concept just got in my head and it’s still there. My back was protesting more deadlifts after Saturday and my legs listened and stopped working. Just the perfect ending to a bizzare morning……..late alarm clock…..6AM class………a TON of people at 5AM………….couldn’t persuade Matt to workout with me so I was the 6AM class………..not getting 2 rounds…….seriously, this day can only get better.

    Great to see Lynn, Suzanne and Germaine this AM. Christina, please forgive me 🙂 Gary, take a day off, we won’t hold it against you. Oh, to the new girls, I hear if you forget your scrunchi Brad usually keeps an extra in his bag!
    1.5 Rounds, 1 Round + 14 DL, 1 Round + 10 DL

  3. brad

    I’m with Casey on this one; not sure about it. I was doing box jumps first then deadlifts. In each rotation, I completed a full round and the next set of box jumps but finished the deads at 14, 12 and 4 reps. I couldn’t knock out 2 rounds! Aaargh! In my case it was AFRAP (as few….)

    Sorry, ladies, the scrunchy was a limited time offer.

    Linda – nice job on the deadlifts!

  4. Drew

    Casey sorry you were the 6AM class. You can blame me! I arrived in Houston late last night 11:35 and could not get out of bed this AM!

    1. Casey

      When I realized I was an hour behind I did think…..oh, that’s cool I will workout with Drew. So, you were not my favorite person this morning but I understand the circumstance and I guess I can let it slide this time 🙂

  5. Tim M

    I kind of liked the workout – tough combination. I knocked out the 1st 20 D.L.’s and then . . . missed on my first attempt to jump on the box. My legs were like LEAD!
    Warmup was different. Needed something to motivate you though; I was thinking it would be neat if we were paired up & person w/most reps gets a prize. Of course you could also use negative motivation – like the one who does the least rounds has to do a 20-Burpee penalty. Guess I shouldn’t be giving ideas – we all know which one Matt would pick.
    Anyway, did 155# on the Push-Press. Not a PR but I really didn’t want to stress out my shoulder after injuring it last week.
    For the WOD I did:
    1st Set – 2 complete rounds
    2nd Set – 1 round + 9 D.L.’s
    3rd Set – 1 round + 10 D.L.’s

  6. Casey

    So Linda and Tim……I love your back and forth posts but I have to know something. Do you guys each have your own computer and you post back to back or are you guys actually saying this to each other first and then posting it or is Linda pushing you out of the chair to post after you?? You guys are awesome!