WOD: 01-05-2009


WOD: 01-05-2009

Sub freezing in Houston, time to head outside.

For Time: 5 rounds of

10 Thrusters

25m Farmer’s Carry

10 Atomic Sit Ups

25m Farmers Carry

0600, 28 degrees and slinging weight: Thats a recipe for results in the Silverback Nation

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  1. Casey

    QOD (Question of the Day): How many cups of coffee do you have to drink before you start to feel your fingers and toes again?

    Drew, I felt for you this morning. GREAT job! Matt, Awesome picture.

    Germaine and Suzanne you guys picked a heck of a week to start CF! Super job this morning…….Suzanne did it in shorts……..surely you get extra points for that!

    Linda, Great job this morning! DO NOT be discouraged. What you have accomplished in the last 6 weeks is nothing short of incredible. You inspire us all!

  2. Casey

    Oh, I always forget to post my time…..12:14 w/ 45lb thrusters and a 35 & 45lb kb for the farmers carry.

  3. Linda

    Fingers have finally thawed to type. Came home and cuddled up to a golden retriever for warmth. Thanks Lynn for being my running buddy. Everyone’s progress on pistols is really comming along. For me the WOD was hard. Got 4 rounds in befoe time ran out. As per Tim’s addage “sometimes your are the windshield, sometimes you are the bug”, I was the bug today. Impressed that Susanne (?) was doing the atomic sit ups on the ground without a mat and in shorts, and Germaine was throwing that bar in the air. God willing see ya’ll Thurs or Friday morning.

    Did Gary and Christina have a sixth sense of what was planned?
    Gold star to Drew for seeing us do the WOD and still getting out of the car.

    Hat- check
    Gloves- check
    small generator- operated portable heater with extra long extention cord- check,check

    1. silverbackmattp

      OK, you guys are always willing to post nice things about my coaching so it is vital that I spill the beans when I screw up. I based Linda’s thruster weight off of a percentage of her recent push press max. The problem, Linda’ s press is the strong part of her Thruster and we are still working on greater power and acceleration out of the squat. Linda did a tremendous job pushing and pressing and essentially doing a leg exercise with her shoulders for 2+ rounds. I should have caught it quicker, my apologies Linda you pushed the limits the entire 14 min, well done.

      1. Linda

        Matt, Wasn’t gripeing at all. Just trying to deal with my limitations and the frustration I sometimes feel. I understand that some WOD’s will be harder than others. No disrespect to you.

  4. brad

    Great programming today — pistol practice was fun (Casey, you make it look too easy) and I enjoyed the wod. That wod would be completely different on a July morning. Grabbing 29 degree heavy iron with hands that have no blood in the veins was a new experience.

    Linda – I think Matt owes you the opportunity to do some reverse-programming on him some Saturday morning.

    I may have been the only one to get home and not be thrilled with the thawing process. I jacked my thumb on the 3rd round of thrusters (not sure how) and it made the last few rounds of farmer carries a bit challenging. But the real fun came when the anesthetic properties of the cold morning air wore off.

    12:45 w/ 95# thrusters and one L and one XL sandbag

    Great job to all. Record this one in your logbooks.

    1. Casey

      Brad, I couldn’t believe your hands this morning. You might want to try something called Aquaphor. It’s in the lotion section and is very effective in healing. Your are such a trooper. I’m so glad you found CFSB, you always push me to be better.

  5. Gary

    Heading to project in Milwaukee. Looking forward to subzero temperatures. Sorry I missed this morning…. well, after reading your posts – not really. Trip comes at a good time for my back.

    A little nervous about this trip, as I just heard that Obama’s latest recommended TSA flight restrictions require everyone to go “commando” due to the Christmas undie bomber.

    See you all back at it on Friday.

    1. silverbackmattp

      Air Squats x 100 + 1/4 mile on tread mill. or 40 cal on Elliptical Trainer (Every hotel has one)x 3 rounds. Remember when you go through security to turn you head and cough, or yell real loud “Man, your hands are cold!”

  6. TimM

    I can’t believe how much difference there is between my Rt leg & Lft leg doing these pistols. Making good progress with Rt leg, Lft leg still needs a LOT of strengthening.

    Did the WOD in 10:49 w/75# for Thrusters & 45/53# KBs.
    I LIKED this workout; really made you dig deep!

    1. Laura

      You did great Tim! Everyone was really impressed by you! You made us work harder!
      The pistols were fun! I actually did pretty well with them I think!