WOD: 01-06-2010


WOD: 01-06-2010

“Shredded Beef”

“Legs and hips”, all of you hear me repeat it constantly, and now I found a workout to prove my point.  Only the rare athlete will possess the arms and shoulders to complete this workout with poor technique.   Unless we throw the ball  with an explosive squat and press overhead with a solid dip drive (hip shrug) this will turn into a slow grind instead of a powerful sprint.

For time:

Wall Ball x 30

Push Press x 15

3 Rounds

Remember that tomorrow’s workout will be the same so that you can squeeze in some recovery on Wednesdays or Thursdays.  You guys have definitely earned it.

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Going, going.........


10 Responses

  1. Casey

    Why has no one commented today? Strange. Maybe because we all feel like shredded beef- nice Matt. I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow!
    The pull up workout was really fun. I love doing new things. Wall balls are not new………they are so, so old. Really Matt, let’s just move on…………please?

    1. Jim

      I believe we are still trying to thaw from this morning. The bed will feel wonderful from 04:30 thru 06:30 tomorrow. I agree that wall balls are old. Something new must be on the horizon to replace wall balls.

    2. silverbackmattp

      My grandmother used to tell me and my brother, if you don’t want someone to get your goat, don’t let them know where it is tied. I think you goat could have a medicine ball hanging around its neck.

    3. TIm M

      Careful what you ask for Casey & Jim!
      I’ve helped build some of the ‘instruments’ that are on the horizon . . . . . you might find that Wall Balls aren’t so bad after all.

  2. Casey

    Did Jim actually post? Jim you have officially made my day! Thank you!!!!
    Matt, come on. Please don’t do that….. please.

  3. TIm M

    Did it in 5:52 with 20# WB and 75# PP. Should have gone 95# on the PP but I’m being conservative with my shoulder.
    Intense workout. It’s been an intense week for that fact. I too look forward to a day off.

    Try to stay warm ya’ll ! ! !

  4. Linda

    Did WOD with 45# push press and goblet squats in place of wall balls. Total time 8:02. Thanks Laura, Nikko, and Gabriel for the encouragement. Take Care, Keep warm and see you at the “ice” box.

  5. brad

    0500 – nice job. Only reason I’m standing in the pic is because I got a hall pass on the wod, yet still finished behind all three of you. In fact, I’m seem to be in last place on this one across the board.

    Good routine today. Liked the Seal pullup complex

  6. Laura

    Had fun with the pull ups!
    NOT SO MUCH with the WOD…
    green ball for wall ball 65lb push press
    time 9:39
    Not happy with how I did on this one at all….SO GLAD TOMORROW IS AN OFF DAY!
    Linda and Tim awesome job! I love the way yall are so supportive of each other! So cute!
    Niko-you did great! I’m so glad you’re at 630p with me!

  7. Casey

    Matt, Can you run CFSB and work as a professional caption writer? I so look forward to your pics and clever captions. Thanks for “the small stuff”, it matters 🙂