WOD: 01-08-2010


WOD: 01-08-2010

Road Kill: I didn’t have a name for this until after the workout, the pictures below explain why this was a no brainer (the name, not the workout).

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (6 rounds Tabata)

AMRAP 2 min

Abmat Sit Ups x 10

Box Jumps x 5

Rest 1 min

3 rounds

Round 2 "recovery"

Round 3 "done"

My compliments to everyone this morning on putting forth a tremendous effort in sub-freezing conditions.  You all truly choose to excel in circumstances where others would simply endure.  That’s the Silverback Nation.

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20 Responses

  1. Drew

    My though for a name was Roll Tide but I am sure sure would argue with that! Great workout Matt, it took all I had and felt great! Thanks for pushing me!
    1) 52 SDHP 3 rounds +2 Jumps
    2) 50 2 Rounds + 5 Jumps
    3) 47? 2 Rounds + 5 Jumps + 3 Situps

    1RM Squat 275

  2. laura

    not looking forward to this at all….my arms are super sore and I don’t at all feel rested after my rest day! Probably didn’t help that I took Gabriel rock climbing last night….though I didn’t really do much but be his anchor person…..
    see you tonight…..

  3. Dick D

    As always these workouts are tougher in the group environment than at home in the garage. That being said, I’m extremely glad to be back in the group environment. Be able to get to a CF gym in 5 min ain’t so bad either. Thanks for taking the leap Matt.

    Squat: 245

    Rd1: 40’ish, 3 rds (95#)
    2: 25’ish, 2 rds (95#)
    3: 30’ish, 2 rds (65#)

    That bruised ego is always brutal huh? Glad to be back pushing the personal barriers again.


  4. Casey

    A couple thoughts:
    1) I MUST get my roots done, SOON!
    2) Why am I always on the floor?

    Okay, so my roots are so bad b/c getting them done means taking my 9 & 7 y/o kids to the salon for 2 hours, enough said…………I am always on the floor b/c Matt is awesome!

    This workout was so bizarre and so so good. Loved it……….my body was confused which is always good!

    Great to see you again Dick. Jim, Zach, and Lynn great job this morning.

    PR 165 max squat- felt good, some day I hope to be as strong as Matt thinks I am.

    R1: 48, 3 rds
    R2: 43, 2 rds, 5 bj + 9 sit ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on!!!
    R3: 38, 3 rds 🙂

    1. laura

      haha!! Casey that’s hilarious! I am always saying that about my hair in pics too!! too funny!
      GREAT job on your PR! 🙂

    2. TimM

      Roots???? Wasn’t the a movie back in the 70’s??
      What the heck are you women talking about??
      Can they be exercised? Maybe Matt can come up with a ‘Root WOD’.

      Women talk is SO confusing . . . . . .

      1. Casey

        “Women talk”……….oh Tim, you are going to be in big trouble when Linda reads this! I suggest as punishment you can come sit with my kids in the salon while I get my roots done 🙂 Even better, bring your two along also 😉

  5. brad

    Dang. Well that’s what I get for doubling up portions of shredded beef; I miss road kill! But even worse, I missed 1RM squats. Double dang! (although it was nice to work out with my daughter last night. Matt – you sure left an impression on her). If have anything left in me after tomorrow’s wod, I may stick around for some extracurricular squats.

    And the t-shirts look awesome. How do the sizes run, Matt? I think Jessica will want one just to prove that she worked out at your box and lived to tell the tale.

  6. Linda

    Warm up was different- I graduated to the 12″ boxes. Wow, getting closer to “girl ” push ups. Pretty beat up from the WOD, but still have a warm glow about the PR I set for Back squats- from 45# to an end at 100#. Did WOD with 45lb SDHP and 12″ box.
    Rnd 1- 4? SDHP 2rnd + 10 Sit ups
    Rnd 2- 41 SDHP 2rnd+ 9 sit ups
    Rnd 3- 40 SDHP 2rnd + 6 sit ups

    Sorry Casey and Laura for TIm’s comments. What can I say, I have been working on him for 24 years and he still makes these comments. But he’s cute and the kids like him, so I guess we’ll keep him.

    1. Casey

      Wow Linda……that is quite the PR! Great job.
      You don’t have to apologize for Tim. He is such a sweet guy, he just needs a vocabulary lesson in “Women’s Beauty Regimens”- I’ll whip up a vocab list and give him the quiz next Saturday.

  7. TimM

    I guess Linda & I have been drinking from the same well – I too had a big increase in my Back Squat PR; from 255# to 285#. All joking aside this is obviously due to Matts great programming – THANKS MATT ! ! !
    Rnd1 – 43 SDHP, 3full rnds + 10 SUs + 1 box jump
    Rnd2 – 38 SDHP, 3full rnds + 3 SUs
    Rnd3 – 36 SDHP, 3full rnds + 2 SUs

    See yall tomorrow AM, DRESS WARM ! ! ! !