WOD: 01-09-2010


WOD: 01-09-2010

In or Out 9:00 am Saturday: We have a dilemma,  I reeeaaaally want to use our new sleds but it’s supposed to be “chilly” in the morning.  I will let the citizens decide amongst themselves between two workouts in the morning, inside or outside.

“You chose……wisely”, here is what happened.

Weighted tire pull 50m

Farmer Carry 50m

Bear Crawl 50m

Farmer Carry 50m

Bear Crawl 50m

3 Rounds for time

Drew discovers the sled

Casey goes rural on Farmer Carry

Tim becomes the bear

4 Responses

  1. brad

    WTH? Everyone else is working their tails off. I look like I’m on a casual stroll over to Strack Farms to grab some bbq.

    It was fun breaking in the sleds this morning. The bear crawls were surprisingly hard. Drew crawled past me like I was standing still (oh wait, I was). Uncovered yet another weakness to attack. If nothing else, being part of the Silverback Nation has taught me that I have plenty of weaknesses that were heretofore unknown.

    See you 0500 Monday.

    1. TimM

      I think the workout was too easy for you, next time we’ll just double all the weights for you – then you’ll stop ‘strolling’ around!!
      And yes, we all have new-found weaknesses – Bear Crawls definitely need to go on the list.

  2. Casey

    I learned today that when men look at a picture they see something totally different than women. When I look at this picture, my first thought is “Where are my active shoulders?” but followed very closely with, “I hope everyone realizes I have on 5 layers of shirts and two pairs of pants…. plus the camera adds 10lbs right???”

    Great workout Matt. I was dying to use those sleds and now I’m dying that I used those sleds!

  3. TimM

    I think Matt said all of our times came in around 13:15.

    Tire pulls and farmers carry were what I thought they’d be; bear crawl was a BEAR – much harder than I thought it’d be.

    I’m with you Casey, when I first saw the picture I thought “Whos that fat, jabba-the-hut looking – oh wait, thats ME”. And I think for taller people the camera adds more like 20lbs.