WOD: 01-11-10


WOD: 01-11-10

Partner up with an athlete of similar strength and alternate

Athlete 1: Front Squats to Failure (50 to 55% of 1RM)

Athlete 2: Rest

Alternate 5 rounds each athlete

Cumulative score of repetitions for individual and teams combined time.

16 Responses

  1. Drew

    This was humbling, front squats, more precisely the rack position is a weakness! Christina, glad to hear you will be joining me at 0600 at least 2 days a week!

  2. brad

    Felt good about the PR on the FS 1RM, but Christina and Casey smoked the field on the partner wod. Don’t know what the final rep count was but I bet those two outdid the other five combined (I was certainly no help to Zach). Oh yeah, and add mountain climbers to the ever-growing list.

    Won’t be at the 0500 tomorrow due to early meeting. Hope to join Laura and others at 1830

    1. TimM

      So reverse-engineering this it looks like:
      WU = Mtn Climbers
      Strength = 1RM Front Squats
      WOD: 5Rnds of Front Squat, each to failure

      I’m going to have a heckuva time convincing my legs to drive me to the box tonight.

      1. brad

        I forgot that there might be folks fishing online….

        Yes, grasshopper, you’ve cracked the code. And, yes, your legs (knees!) should be very afraid

  3. Casey

    Great workout. I could have done without the mountain climbers and especially the “rest”. I did get a PR on 1RM Front Squats!!
    I must say I could not have asked for a better partner this AM. Christina has fully redeemed herself as partner material……..and since she probably won’t post I’ll tell you that one month ago Christina was doing the 45lb front squat as a max and still working on form today she set a PR of 105!! Then she went on to do a total of 110 front squats in the workout. I am so proud of you!!!! She really pushed me on the WOD and I guess it’s why we finished WAY later than everyone else, I got 150 @ 55lbs. I felt like my legs could have kept going but I could not hold the bar in that position any longer.
    There was much debate this morning about why girls seem to perform squats better……..the boys say it has something to do with center of gravity and Christina says it’s because we have babies………….I don’t really care why, I’m just glad we have an edge on something ­čÖé

    1. Gary

      Good workout. Glad to be “back”. Sorry I missed breaking in the sleds.

      The box certainly warmed up quickly this a.m. thanks to mountain climbers and all that heavy breathing.

      Backed off the squat PR, but still managed new PR at 205lb comfortably. Looking forward to hitting it again in the future. Managed 91 reps at 85 lbs.

      As for the debate, I just think the ladies just flat out kicked our butts (of course, that’s become such a common occurrance, I kicked my pride to the proverbial curb a couple months ago). I don’t think they really need an excuse, or an urban legend about lifting chairs.

      May I also say that I am very proud of my wife, who couldn’t squat with or without a bar, couldn’t touch her toes, and had little upper body strength only two months ago. Matt’s programming is obviously very effective.

      1. silverbackmattp

        Determination and persistence are the single biggest determiner of success in our program. We are all really proud of your progress Christina, as you should be.

  4. Christina

    I’m so proud of all of us! I hate getting up every day at 4:20 but I’m always glad I do. I think having Gary elbow me each morning helps too! I can’t believe I’m still doing this 3 months later! Thanks for inviting me to bootcamp this summer Casey, Gary and I love Crossfit…even if I did throw up four times that first day and Gary almost passed out!
    We love working out with all of you and I am inspired by each and every one of you. Thanks for always pushing me to go beyond my comfort zone Matt. And a big “thank you” to my awesome husband for loving me through all the whining! (I think I’m getting better though.)