WOD: 01-13-2010


WOD: 01-13-2010

Deadlift Sprint

Deadlift x 10

Box Jump x 15

3 Rounds for time

I am a huge fan of both of these exercises in developing explosiveness in the hips. ย The length was designed to keep ย the entire workout explosive. ย No one “grinds” through this one.

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Standing six-five is not an advantage in deadlifts. Way to overcome Zach!

19 Responses

  1. Casey

    I got a PR on deadlift today 195lb!! This is so huge for me. I have always struggled with deadlift, more mentally than anything. For almost a year I could not get past 175……..like couldn’t get the bar off the ground. I feel like Matt is a broken record sometimes…..”I know it’s heavy, that’s how you get stronger…..I know it’s heavy, that’s how you get stronger ….” and on and on- well, he’s right. Thanks Matt.

    That said, I literally couldn’t jump on the 12″ box today…..24″ no problem, 12″ and 16″ I looked like such a goof. My legs weren’t sore from the 150 front squats, they were just dead.

    95lb DL, 24″ box 3:35 I was shocked at how fast this went by even with dead legs….Great job Zach! Way to go Jim, best recovery from a box miss I have ever seen……..you were actually graceful ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. TimM

      Congratulations Casey!
      You’re almost to the 200# mark – that’s incredible, you should be proud!

      I love doing the strength component separate from the WOD. Since November I’ve broken just about every one of my PRs for strength.

  2. brad

    hmm, deadlift strength followed by wod using deadlifts. Two days, front squat strength followed by front squat wod. Are we seeing a pattern emerge?

    Nice job on the PR, Casey. Although you will have to explain how jumping on a 12″ box was more difficult than a 24″.

    C’mon, Laura, I’m joining you tonight and we’re going for PRs too!

    1. laura

      I’ll do my very best! I just have a hate hate relationship with deadlifts….and I believe the feeling is mutual for the deadlifts as well! ๐Ÿ™‚ see you tonight!

  3. Gary

    Well I know I have to get back in the water sometime. Might as well be tomorrow.

    Very impressive Casey. You never cease to amaze me.

  4. Linda

    Nice 5:30 pm group- Lynn, Dick ,Brad and I. The good news is that I jumped on the 16″ box today during the blast, the bad news is that I jumped on the 16″ box today. No, really it is good to see progress. Matt gave me a break and let me use the 12″ for WOD. 1 RM Deadlift 190#. Did WOD with 95# Deadlift and 12″ box in 3:41. Thanks for helping me figure out how to load the bar and helping me break them down. Lynn, looked good on the deadlifts and finished at 125#! Thanks Matt for helping me get this far.

    1. brad

      Agree, good group tonight. Lynn and Linda – impressive stuff; great efforts and results.

      Matt – particularly good coaching tonight imo. Went home and did air deadlifts in the mirror and think I now understand the “maintain back plane and explode the hips” concept, or something like that

      see you friday a.m.

  5. Dick D

    335 Deadlift 1RM
    WOD: 165# – 3:08

    I think 5:30pm is tougher to go to than 0500. Not sure why but mentally tougher to get to for some reason. Glad I made the effort to get out of the house though.

  6. TimM

    325 DL (PR by 10#)
    WOD: 165#, 24″ in 3:52

    Great working out with Christina, Gary, & Drew!
    And way to go Drew – DL PR by 65# !

  7. Laura

    well I hope I am starting to “get it” with the whole deadlift thing…..this was FAR easier for me than anytime in the past…..
    PR and 1RM of 175#
    did the work out with 75#
    time was
    3:53 (? not exactly sure on the seconds..)

  8. Laura

    175# PR and 1RM
    did WOD with 16″ box and 75# for DL
    time was 3:53 not sure about the seconds….but it was something like that….