WOD: 01-15-2010


WOD: 01-15-2010


Atomic Sit Up x 5

Push Up x 10

KB Swing x 15

7 Rounds for time

Work hard, move fast, that's life in the Silverback Nation

Christina accidently does her push ups on the one area covered in velcro.

15 Responses

  1. Linda

    Oh Matt, now I see what you mean by my “hips escaping” in the push up. Casey and Lauren are just a blur.
    Did this with 12″ boxes for push up and 30# DB for KB swing. This is the reason I am telling myself for the longer time it took me to do today. Dec 14th I did this WOD in 11:32 and today it took me 12:58. Great am group. 🙂

  2. Casey

    Matt, I see a future for you in humorous caption writing. Christina……..velcro………..very funny.
    So I did the purple band and got 10 and 10 then I did get one dead hang chin up…….that’s progress right? Come on upper body strength, where are you?
    We did this about a month ago and my time was 7:11, today it was 6:30. I attribute that to Matt’s programming but also his coaching during the workout………I can’t remember the words he used this morning, something about being uncomfortable, but it pushed me to keep going even when I thought I was going to pass out……….and I’m SO glad I kept going!!
    Great job Linda and Lynn this morning!

  3. brad

    Like Linda says, “sometimes you’re the bug.” Today was my bug day.

    24 pullups (fewer than last time)
    8:09 (slower than last time; maybe I got caught up in some of that same velcro)

    Hey, it wouldn’t be fun if everyday was a PR (well, maybe it would be a little fun)

    Great photos. My goal is to be a “blur” someday.

      1. brad

        yep, took yesterday off completely and felt really good this morning. Maybe, just maybe, I didn’t push hard enough.

  4. Christina

    Hey, you said, “Chest to the ground,” I was just following ORDERS! 🙂
    I had so much fun today even though I wanted to throw up prior to the WOD. I think I did the WOD in 8: 04 which is a miracle! It was so good to see everyone this morning, I look forward our get together coming up.

    Have fun Saturday, Gary and I will be at Juju’s basketball game.

  5. Christina

    Oh, yeah, I did 10, 10, and 6 pull ups on the aqua band!!!!! YEAH ME!!!! I’m getting STRONGER!!!! By the way Matt, I think you purposefully wait for me to do my push ups to get a good laugh for the day! 🙂 Next time get me doing my 1 Rep Max Deadlift or something! 🙂

  6. Gary

    Matt, you’re the only one that can get away with saying that.

    New PR in deadhangs – 7 (3 better than previous). WOD in 8:49 – (KB handicap). Should have opted for FedExing those KBs, instead of using Bob’s Shipping.

    Like the shirt design. By the way.

  7. Lynn

    Thanks for all the support every one has shown me these past 2 weeks. Your encouragement makes me think I can do this.

    Linda – Thanks for my journal!

  8. brad

    MATT – I got a message from my friend confirming that he and his wife and his two kids will be joining tomorrow a.m. All are fit and they’ve dabbled with CF. But they haven’t experienced CFSB!

  9. Tim M

    Max DH PUs were 6-5-3 = 14
    Did the wod in 7:40 w/a 53#KB – 24sec faster than on 12/14

    Welcome Lauren & Cassie!

  10. Dick D

    PU: 19-9-6
    WOD: 9:08? w 53#

    I really need to start a journal. I can’t even remember from the time I do the workout to the time I write it on the wall. So, why should I remember it the next morning drinking coffee. Duh! Great workout w the 1830 crowd. See y’all next week.