WOD: 01-18-2010


WOD: 01-18-2010

3 Simple movements when done in combination and sufficient volume become a gut check.

Squats         80-60-40-20

KB Swings 60-40-20-10

Pull Ups     20-15-10-05

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  1. Gary

    Matt, I’m starting to figure out the strategy and pattern here. Last week I was feeling pretty good that I had progressed in my pull-ups finally, as I almost doubled my dead hang PR. Today’s workout (I’m convinced) was designed to bring it back to earth mixed in with a little humility as I flopped around on that bar. Humiliation is good when it drives us to do better and be better.

    Pull-ups during Strength portion is a whole lot different than pull-ups during a 20min WOD mixed with a multitude of squats and KBs. I’m going to figure out kips, if it kills me. I went home and fell asleep on the couch after this one.

    Thanks for the encouragement there at the end Casey. I apologize if I mumbled a few choice words loud enough that you could hear them. At the time, I thought they were only mumbled inside my head. Now I’m not so sure.

    Have to go to Dallas tomorrow and Wednesday. So I’ll see you all on Thursday. Hoping there’s more pull-ups and some personal kipping instruction.

  2. Casey

    This is way, way harder than it looks. Why don’t I know this by now? If it looks easy………..IT’S NOT!!!!! I think my time was 13:42, somewhere around there.

    Gary, the fact you did all kipping pull ups in this WOD is astounding. You dug so deep this morning! As for kipping instruction, Matt always tells me the only way to get better at pull ups is to do pull ups………..I have promised myself I will get on that bar every day and I will get better………..join me, I’d love the company 🙂

    1. Tim M

      No Casey, this doesn’t look easy! It’s a LOT A volume of work and we’re about to go find out exactly how hard it is, see ya next post . . . . . .

  3. Laura

    Yikes this doesn’t look like much fun at all! that’s a WHOLE LOT OF SQUATING….
    I’ll be there at 530 today.

  4. brad

    Yikes this doesn’t look like much fun at all. That’s a whole lot of KB swings! (We all have our own demons)

  5. Laura

    Wow this was very hard…it actually made me CRY?? Which was weird…never have I CRIED while working out….this was really hard for me!
    I’m glad it’s over!
    time was 21:04

    1. Casey

      Laura, Don’t you know there’s no crying in Crossfit? Passing out- yes, throwing up- absolutely but no crying 🙂

    2. Linda

      Welcome to my club. I have gotten exhausted/frustrated to the point of tears a couple of times. Tim is even ordering me a shirt from Crossfit park city that says “You can cry, Just don’t be a baby”. You finished strong though and “that which does not kill us, makes us stronger”.

  6. silverbackmattp

    What is important is that everyone took a big flying leap out of their comfort zone on this one. Great efforts across the board, not to mention twice today I saw athletes do their previous 1rm for 4 reps, way to go Nico and Christina.

  7. Linda

    I am just getting out of the dazed, hit by a truck, feeling. Got 65# push press and tried twice for the 70#(got 4 out of 5). Thanks for the encouragement Laura. Did WOD with 25# KB and ring rows in place of pull ups. My time…wait for it…..19:35. Going to pull the covers over my head, until tomorrow morning.

    1. Laura

      Hey Linda you did great! Don’t feel bad about your time….I was 21:04….
      That was a heckofa workout! We must have all done something that made Matt super mad at us! 🙂

  8. Niko

    As previously stated, a lesson in humility for sure. Feeling good about putting up 185lbs during the Push/Press 4 times until the WOD. I will conquer those KB swings. Could not have completed the circuit without Matt and Dick there to keep me motivated. Didn’t say it at the time, but many thanks. Definitely out of the comfort zone with this one.

  9. Dick D

    Holy canoli (or however you spell that)! That was a bomber. Good work Niko. Keep moving into the abyss and little by little you start to enjoy it. Kind of addicting actually.

    A couple more weeks and I may start to feel normal again. The intensity is so much higher when you do these around other folks. I guess that doesn’t say much for my self motivation techniques.

    PP: 135-165(4)-160(4) {That made me a little bit angry but humility is a good thing right?}
    WOD: 15:38

  10. Tim M

    Still holding back on the PP; did 95#, 135#, 145#.
    Did 15:04 on the WOD using 53# KB and small band (purple?)

    Way to go Nico – I remember when you first joined & were so angry because you couldn’t do 135# PP (bad form), now with good form you’re blowing it away!

    Big atta-boy to Linda & Laura too; you gals struggled through a nasty workout and finished strong, you should both be proud of your performance tonight!