WOD: 01-19-2010


WOD: 01-19-2010

Push: Yes, the legs and pull ups are smoked, but that’s no reason to step off of the gas pedal.

For time: 21-15-9-6

Push Press

Push Ups

Ab-Mat Sit Ups

Effort follows focus. Is there any doubt Zach is gonna lock this out?

12 Responses

  1. drew

    Feeling good despite a 2 hour flight delay! Went a little heavy (95lb) on the push press. Wanted to be sub 9 but made it in 9:07

    1. Casey

      Drew, I believe the flight delay is a sign to show you that you CAN get up and work out at 5AM and enjoy it 🙂 Have fun on your trip, we’ll save you a spot at 5AM when you get back.

  2. Linda

    Ok, My first post is “girl talk” so guys just let your eyes glaze over and go to the next post. Ok, here is my question for the day…I haven’t lost many pounds (under 10) but I can get into jeans that I wasn’t able to get into a couple of months ago? Yippee!! but what’s up with that?
    You also might want to take a look at this site for another kind of crossfit workout http://crossfitfaith.com/
    I kinda wish Matt had a discussion board where we could post these random questions. If you have a theory just e-mail me at [email protected].

  3. Linda

    Great group this morning. Still working on “plank” for the warm up. Did WOD with 45# for push press and assisted push ups on 12″ boxes. Time 12:49 Thanks Zach for letting me use the ab mat, the little gnomes who tore down my area after the WOD, and everyone for the encouragement to just finish.

  4. Casey

    Congratulations Jim and Lynn on your daughter’s engagement!

    We went heavy today. I’m not particularly strong on push press. I did 60lbs and my time was 8:14. Matt, I don’t expect any empathy from you on this, but I actually had to REST while drying my hair today!!

    Linda, No one in this gym works harder than you. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Laura

    by the way Thank you Tim for staying during our class to help motivate Niko and me. That was really awesome of you! I appreciated it for sure!