WOD: 01-20-2010


WOD: 01-20-2010

Push Ups x 8

Squats x 8

Sumo Deadlift High Pull x 8

3 Rounds AMRAP 4 min, 2 min rest

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  1. Jim

    We brought down the house this morning!! Well, actually, just the pull-up bar. Great workout as my legs are spent.

    Casey, I beat you at something,the first post of the day!

    1. Jim

      Ya, the leg is sore from the hit. Similar to someone punching you in the thigh and giiving you a “charlie horse”. How does one insert a gravatar to thier post? I assume the gravatar is the picture on your post.

  2. Casey

    Jim, You did beat me to it this morning! You need an Ohio State gravatar for sure. And yes, you guys brought down the house! I still can’t believe that happened.

    Okay, so I am not usually a “third round” kinda girl. Usually, I’m thinking “Who cares at this point its almost over anyway.” But this morning Matt pushed me, he got in my head. I do want to be better and you get better on round 3 – so I did 5,4,5….I literally stood up on my 8th squat when he called time. Felt good.

    Lauren and Cassie, great to have you guys this morning.

    1. silverbackmattp

      Jim getting better deeper on his squats or getting a gravatar, I can’t figure out which one is bigger.

  3. Gary

    Jim, did you bring it down with a new kipping style? If you hadn’t, I would’ve. I call my style “flopping”. Although, I wouldn’t recommend it – not very effecient or effective

    1. Jim

      As Paul Harvey would say, “and kow the rest of the story” Jim did not bring down the bar “single-handedly”. It was a group effort as the culprits were: JIm (220 lbs), Zach (205 lbs), and Dick (175 lbs.) Thats 600 lbs of kipping and swinging body mass (meat). That is what brought the bar down.

  4. Linda

    Wow, what excitement this morning. Glad everyone is ok. Oh, yea I really like my rings now. Surprised at the strength component. If my math was correct I did 105# for the back squat, but it was early and even during the day my math isn’t so hot. For the WOD I did it mama style with push ups on the 12″ boxes and ring rows in place of pull ups/SDHP. My seqence was push up, squat, pull up. 1st time= 2 round and 6 pull up, 2nd time= 2 round and 2 pull up, 3rd time= 2 round and 8 squats.

  5. drew

    No CF Monterrey today went to “fitness center”

    200m run/sprint
    20 push ups
    20 squats

    3 rnds for time 10:28 30 min after lunch

  6. Tim M

    OK, what’d we do today . . . . .
    11rnds of the ‘Bear’ warmup (x3, tabata style of course)
    3×5 Back Squat = 225-235-245
    Rnd1 – 5rounds + 8 SDHPs
    Rnd2 – 5rounds + 3 SDHPs
    Rnd3 – 5rounds + 0 SDHPs

    That was a nasty transition going from Squats right into SDHPs, slowed me down a lot in the later rounds.

  7. brad

    Did mondays wod at the hptel this morning. 22:35. Poor showing but wth, I got a wod in. I am missing cfsb wods community-style. Todays posts suggest I missed a raucous 0500 session. Matt – I’m there thurs at 530p. I need to catch up – I’ve missed pullups, presses, back squats, sdhp…dang

  8. Gary

    Good workout. Sumo DHPs in place of pull-ups worked for me.

    First time at back squats but worked my way up from 135 to 255 x 5 reps. So,.. new PR of 255lb until we do 1x PR.

    Glad that Julie could join us this morning. You did awesome. She’s planning to bring her husband tomorrow morning to join us with the 5am group.

    See you all tomorrow.

  9. Laura

    5, 4, 4
    Thanks for working out with me Matt so I didn’t have to do that alone!
    can’t wait to see what tomorrows WOD is! 🙂

  10. silverbackmattp

    295 x 5
    Round 1 ran away with 7, then a ” I could taste 5 but got 4″, and a glad to get 4. The mind was willing but the flesh was weak. Maybe next time I’ll record me coaching you so I can playback during my workouts, naaa, that jerk is in my skull already.

  11. brad

    5, 5, 5 using 53 KB for SDHP – 401 reps total

    this one was diabolical. #1 on my hit list of “looks easy on the board but ain’t”