WOD: 01-26-2010


WOD: 01-26-2010



Push Press

Hang Power Clean

8 intervals of 20 sec work/ 10 sec rest per lift.

Record total # reps per movement

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  1. Linda

    Ok guys, I’ll go first today even with “noodley arms”. Is this to prevent me from eating too much tonight when I go out to eat? Am on slight high from “kitty-wampus” sorta push up this morning. It surprised me and gave me hope that I am improving. Thanks Lynn for going all out rowing on the “tailpipe”. Casey the fortitude you have to hold those kettle bells when your wrist are hurting. Zach, hope Matt got a good pic of you on your handstand progression. Did WOD with 95# deadlift, 45# push press and hang clean. 40-35-40

  2. Casey

    Linda, You are definitely improving by leaps and bounds…….I saw the push up!!!

    95lb deadlift and 45 lb for PP and HC 45, 46, 65…….yes Zach 65……..I actually “grunted” this morning. I don’t know that I have ever made a sound like that in the workout but I was trying really hard to get in the 60’s……..PP was the toughest for me……yes Matt, I saw the glare……….sorry.

    Matt, I get the tailpipe. I guess I wasn’t as mad at you as I was at myself. Sorry for the whining………forgiven??

  3. brad

    Ok, let’s see who has really been chugging the Kool Aid. Who wants to go watch the Crossfit Games South/Central Texas sectional qualifier in Austin on March 13 and 14? I say we convince Zach or somebody else (Matt??) to enter so the Silverback Nation has someone to root for. Even if we don’t have an entrant, I’d still like to go see how competitive a sectional is. Some of us — no need to mention any names here — are approaching their 50s and might be interested in the Masters division in a few years.

    So is anyone interested? I may not be able to get my wife into the box, but I’m pretty darn sure I can get her to Austin for a weekend with the promise of some good food and 6th Street music.

    1. Casey

      Brad, Great job on the parrallettes! We miss you at 5AM but I’m thrilled your daughter is coming. If it’s strength she’s looking for CFSB is the place to be!

    2. Dick D

      I’m a definite maybe! Spoken like a true procrastinist(sp). Seriously, I put in for leave that weekend because it’s my son’s birthday. Unless he has a lacrosse game I think we could make an “Austin” weekend out of it. Just don’t make me drive to close to the t-sip properties. Bad voodoo lives in/on/around those buildings.

      Brad, I’ll be 40 next year (Ouch, I think that’s the first time I’ve actually written that down! Holy Over the Hill Batman!). So… I say we start training now for next year. Any ladies or youngsters (aka. Zach) care to join the young at heart?

      Matt, Is anyone locally putting on a Houston area comp?

    3. TimM

      You can count us in!
      That’s the starting weekend of KISD spring break so we’ll be driving through Austin anyway (to drop the kids off at Nanas for a few days).
      Should be pick a hotel & try to get a group discount?

      1. brad

        Yes. Don’t know where the sectional will be so should we just stay downtown?

        Since it sounds like we’re serious about this, I’ve got to now recruit my wife!

  4. Laura

    BRAD that would be fun to watch!!! I wanna go!! I wanna go watch!!! I bet all the CFCentral girls will be competing I wanna go watch I wanna go watch!! 🙂

  5. Laura

    Ok so that was fun! My arms finally are starting to feel normal again….geeeesh!
    did 70 deadlifts
    60 push press
    61 hang cleans

  6. TimM

    Great workout – another one where you had to dig deep!
    70DLs at #165
    71PPs at #75
    68HCs at #75

    What was up w/the warmup? I get the rowing but the KB hold compressed my chest cavity so I couldn’t breath. Is this Xfit-Hypoxia training or something??

    1. Laura

      uhhhh Tim I don’t think you were supposed to let it be on your chest…. 🙂
      Yesterday totally smoked my arms from my wrists all to my shoulders….
      hope today is NOT ARMS….can’t wait to see what the WOD is!!!

      1. TimM

        I didn’t let it rest on my chest, I had to pull/squeeze my arms together in order to keep my knuckles touching. This motion/effort had the effect of compressing my chest.
        I don’t know, maybe I was doing it wrong. I just walked away from it with the sense that it wasn’t really an exercise in strength or endurance but more of a ‘breating control’ exercise. And I’m not knocking it, hypoxia training has been used for years in a variety of sports (not just swimming) and certainly has it’s place.

  7. Laura

    OHHHH!! I see what you mean…it was super strength thing for me…I was TIRED of holding those darn things up!! 🙂