WOD: 01-27-2010


WOD: 01-27-2010

Buddy Rush

 In the final 300 yards of an attack Marines will split into pairs to rush the enemy.  As one is up and moving to the next peice of cover their “buddy” puts accurate fire down range to keep the enemy down and off balance switching back and forth before either becomes a target.  If either one doesn’t pull their weight then the other is left exposed.   Try to imagine those feelings, imagine that level of loyalty in performance and then hit this workout like you are in the final 300 yards.

For time:

P1: Row 500m

P2: Thrusters

P1: Row 500m

P2: Abmat Sit Ups

P1: Row 500m

P2:  KB Swing

Each round each member rows and then trades with partner for the attached movement.  Score teams total time and each athletes reps per movement.

Lynn and Christina win the Gung Ho award, while Lynn turned a corner on intensity and left behind her old Globo-Gym ways, CONGRATULATIONS!


13 Responses

  1. brad

    Great workout. Look forward to doing this one again. Great name and description.

    Time 13:05
    26 thrusters @ 85
    66 situps
    35 KBS @ 45

    Nice job Zach.

  2. laura

    wow…this looks hard…
    Gabriel has baseball today so I’ll be there tomorrow at 630p
    Matt-I’m going to run sprints though at practice…. 🙂

  3. Jim

    Incredible workout today; looking at the WOD as listed on the board, I thought no freakin way! Absolutely a tough workout and am very glad Gary was my partner. He carried the load.
    Casey, as my father always said, Be a man a night, you better be a man in the morning. What happened to you this morning??

    1. Gary

      I think the rowers will officially be broken in after tomorrow. Based on what Matt said about getting his moneys worth AND the giddy evil chortle he made after we all passed out on the mats, I would expect to see rowers showing up quite often on upcoming warmups and WODs. That was a beastly 3rd day, but feels good now.

      Jim, ya did good buddy boy. You define “anaerobic” exercise.

      Worked up to 3rep x 155lb thrusters for new PR. Previous 1RM PR was 135lb.

      Jim, ya did good buddy boy.

  4. Casey

    Will anyone be there in the AM? Please! I promise to row as fast as possible!!!

    Matt, if I’m alone, please, please, please work out with me! Don’t you need a good 5AM workout??

    Jim, I didn’t get your comment………is that some line from a movie you and Matt have seen?

    1. Drew

      Casey I will be there at 6 for sure. Have to drive to Dallas for an event tomorrow and do not want to be up too early!

    2. buckeye76

      No, it was a saying my father would make to my brothers and me as we grew up. It means if you want to play at night, late into the night, you need to manage your business in the morning. You missed this mornings workout. Christina and Lynn did not miss the workout.

  5. Linda

    My partner stunk on ice today. She lolly gagged on the rower and took her own sweet time. Yes, I was the only one at the 5:30pm session. Just call me “bug”. It was weird- my body refused to do thrusters. It was like I would get into the squat and my body would say “uh un, nope ,ain’t gonna do it”. It was like that with kettle bells also. I usually can do kettle bells until the cows come home, but today I just couldn’t get the knees and hips to work together. Going to pull the covers over my head and hide till Friday morning. Thanks for the help cleaning up Nikko.

  6. Dick D

    5 am is going to come really quick! Note to self…”try not to do the 1830 workout and then follow it up with the 0500 workout the next day!”

    Thrusters 3Rep x 5 = 135,155,160,160,160(2)
    WOD: 36 (75#) Thrusters, 60 situps, 49 (45#) KB swings
    15:xx team time.

    Great work Nikko. Keep hammerin’ away at this stuff and good things are going to start happening. It may hurt (physically and mentally) in the process… Check that… It will definetly hurt in the process, but you have all the God given tools to be a monster.