WOD: 01-29-2009


WOD: 01-29-2009

For time:

Jump Rope: 200, 150, 100

Push Ups:    30,20,10

Squats:  80, 60, 40

8 Responses

  1. Casey

    11:39 The 80-60-40 squat thing is tough. I didn’t expect this to take over 10 min. I was quite wrong. Matt started like 30-45 sec. after us and still finished about a minute ahead of us……..that’s why he’s in charge right 🙂

    Jim, You know what they say, “If you’re gonna be a man in the good weather, you’ve gotta be a man in the bad weather.” Missed the Stewarts this AM! Please let Zach know all my push ups were on my toes. I hate he missed it.

    Linda, Way to go Rx this morning!

  2. Linda

    Quack,Quack…translated this means “what the heck was I thinking to get out of a warm bed and out into a torrential rainstorm”. The good thing is that it was warm, I was wet but warm. Then I was really warm after the WOD. Kept loosing count during the jump rope and did push ups with the 12″ boxes but I got through all 3 rounds. My time…..wait for it……20:29. Matt, thanks for the extra 30 seconds to finish off the WOD. Brad and Casey thanks for the encouragement.

  3. brad

    11:57. Good old fashioned metcon. Keep this one in regular rotation and watch the progress.

    Linda – you earned your “atta girl”. You fought hard.

    Casey + squats = pogo stick

    Yep, Matt gave us a head start, but lapped the field and left us in his wake (appropriate for this morning’s conditions)

    1. laura

      Brad did you see the link I posted with the sectionals info? it was on whatever day we were talking bout it…

      1. brad

        Thanks. Looks like it’s close in.

        Talking to the wife; we’re may be visiting friends in LA that week which may preclude me from going to Austin. Will keep you posted.

  4. Laura

    Wow…yea that squat thing sucked for me especially after the warm up squats and then the pistol things OMG OMG OMG my poor thighs….they officially HATE me right now!
    time was slow…..due to my legs hating me through the squats…..
    15:38 I think….15 somthing….I dunno..geezzzz
    see yall tomorrow morning!