WOD 04-05-2010


WOD 04-05-2010

Deadlift 21,15,9

KB Swing 15,9,21

Box Jump 9,21,15

Row 500 meters (at the end of each round)

3 min rest between rounds.

Laura and Nico repping hard.

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  1. buckeye75

    Really enjoyed this WOD; particularly after “falling off the wagon” while in Cleveland Ohio. I would vote on seeing this type of WOD tomorrow morning .

    Lynn and I workout on Saturday. THe WOD was, for time , 3 rounds:
    RD1 – burpees / atomic sit-ups 2 minutes each followed by a 400 meter run
    RD2 – push-ups / squats, 2 minutes each followed by a 400 meter
    RD3 – burpees / flutter kicks, 2 minutes each followed by a 400 meter run

    I was extremely dehydrated due to the “forced beer drinking” my brothers subjected me to the previous night.

  2. drew

    Wow what a great workout. Ran out of gas on the second round! Felt like I was rowing through MUD!

    DL 255lbs, KB 53lbs and 24″box.
    1st- 3:37
    2nd- 5:22
    3rd- 5:21

    1. Dick D

      Big props Drew on the PU’s. I’d like to see similar results for my row times. Not sure if it is technique, fitness or a combination but the rower really destroys me.

  3. brad

    Very cool wod. Definitely requires explosive power in the hips and legs. This is another one I’d like to see in regular rotation.

    With 235 DL, my times were (I think) 4:48, 5:03, 4:53. 21 heavy deads to start kicked my tail.

    Congrats on the pullups, Drew. I can only imagine how strong you’ll be after a year or two with Matt’s programming. Weren’t you just complaining a few weeks ago about using the bands?

  4. Casey

    Oh man……..I feel like I WORKED out today. It’s 8:30 and I’m hitting the sack. Great workout Matt. I’m glad I went heavy on my DL. Brad, I am sorry I can’t remember my times or I would post them 🙂

    Karen and Leslie K. You girls were awesome at 6AM. Both had negative splits each round and got under 5 min. on the last round. I am so proud of both of you!!!

    Don’t forget to spread the word……starting next Monday a new class at 9:30AM!!

  5. Laura

    Well I was really dreading this WOD and it DID SUCK!!!! I feel VERY accomplished after completing this one!

    pull ups purple band 7,7,8

    DL 115# KB-45#
    round 1- 4:40
    round 2- 5:01
    round 3- 5:02

    For the first time….I really thought I was going to puke….I even gagged a few times…

  6. Linda

    Max pull ups with red band:6,7,8(shouldn’t the numbers go down?).
    WOD: Dead lift 115#- Who’s the mama!
    KB 35#
    Box 16″ (again I say “Who’s the Mama!)
    Round 1- 5:22
    Round 2- 6:10
    Round 3- 6:18

    Johnny, we did good!

    1. brad

      Linda – strong numbers; way to go. And, yes, tell me your secret how you increase your pullup reps