WOD: 04-06-2010


WOD: 04-06-2010

“Insult & Injury” After the jump rope and “Quarterdeck” this morning, I am sure everyone knows what was insult and what was injury.

3 Rounds for time:

Back Squat x 20

Pull Up x 20

Jump Rope x 150

5:00 am "Time to make the donuts".

Unfortunately the camera only captures the image of Julie digging deep and not that squeeky sound she makes. Nice effort Julie.

Warm weather is here so Brad no longer believes in concealed carry on the guns.

12 Responses

  1. drew

    Quite frankly the only thing I found insulting was the fact that you combine my two weaknesses in one WOD. Pull-ups and Jump Rope! C’mon Man!

    Good workout although my time was horrible: 21:46. Going to get this kipping thing, eventually…

    1. brad

      I don’t think your pullups qualify as weaknesses anymore. the kip is progressing. It is tough to learn in a wod.

      Now, the rope…..

  2. Gary

    Good cal/calf burner. Starting to look forward to the warmups as much as the WODs – with bears and quarter deck. Waiting for one that includes the iron cross on the rings. Not dreading pullups anymore, but would still like a kipping lesson Casey. Maybe after one of the workouts.

    Worked up to 5reps x 255lbs squats. Looking forward to next squat PR. Posted 20:32 on the WOD.

    Deadlifts didn’t kill me yesterday, so also looking tentatively forward to next deadlift PR.

    Drew, keep jumping brother. Maybe you need to be jumping with a weight vest so you’d enjoy it more without.

  3. laura

    squats did 125×5 145×1 135×5 (I’ve done 155 twice so I’m not sure what the deal was there…) maybe the fact that I did that BRUTAL work out yesterday at 630p and then was there this morning at 5am… 🙂

    did the WOD all kinds of out of order…
    used 75# for the squats…should have done 95#
    used the purple band for 1st round of pull ups then the teal for the rest
    jumping rope was A LOT easier today….didn’t BURN the heck out of my calfs like usual…
    time was 20:01

  4. brad

    I don’t know, Gary, these new warmups are about to kill me. They certainly qualify as workouts in my book. I’m going to have to get there 10 minutes early to warm up before I have to “warm up”

    BS, [email protected] I’ll take it.

    Matt is 2 for 2 on the wods this week. Challenging, multi-functional, heavy but still a good metcon. 17:05 w 155 BS

    Jim – awesome rope jumping. Fast, fast, fast.

  5. sleepyjingli

    Well, I didn’t see the dreadful “R” in the WOD, so I might try to be there tonight at 5:30.

  6. Linda

    Daily seven, quarterdeck..Did I sign up for the SEAL pup program and forget? Matt, no disrespect, I just wish I was farther along with the…ah.. not going to tell you where my goat is tied up at. ( look for earlier post)
    Back Squats 125-135. Was gasping after the WOD, but wanted to high five, Leslie, and Corri for using the 75# barbell during the WOD. I used the 45# because it was just laying on the floor saying to me “Don’t use the 75# bar, I’m over here and lonely”. One round of jump rope really got my goat and we just say “no comment” to pull ups. Way to overcome and adapt to those who went outside to jump rope. My time….wait for it…..23:02 (I think)

    1. Casey

      Linda, I will have to comment on your pull ups…………they were outstanding. You fought for every one at the end and is was nothing short of inspiring. In fact, I’ve talked about you all day!! Sometimes we need others perspective when we are our own worst critic. You were awesome today…………effort can be a much better measure than time……..I would say you were top of the leader board today.

  7. sleepyjingli

    1. “Quarterdeck” kills…wondering what “Halfdeck” or “Fulldack” will do?

    2. Thank you, Christina, for being my accountability again. I really mean it! Forget about the mis-communication.

    3. I guess I either need to loose more weight or gain more muscle to manage the pull ups.
    Not joking!

    4. last month’s killer: mean girl–Helen and Mini Murphy.

    5. Today’s time: 15:22 (I guess I shall say yesterday, since it is already Wed.)

    Hint,hint for Matt about Spring Forward.

    *Feel bad about didn’t introduce myself to the new faces –the guys.
    Thank you for all your helps during the workout:)

  8. silverbackmattp

    15:45 @ 185. Jump rope burned the forarms for pull ups and smoked the calfs to keep you off you toes on squat. If you sometimes wonder in the middle of the workout “Where the @#% did Matt come up with this”, I often wonder the same thing half way through.