WOD: 04-07-2010


WOD: 04-07-2010

Row 2k:  Most CrossFit Athletes judge themselves by bench marks like “Fran”.  If you ask a Marine how fast he can run he will tell you his 3 mile time.  If you ask a rower how fast they row they will tell you their 2k.

Everyone did a great job this morning adopting the lessons in the rowing clinic and cutting great chunks of time off of your 500 splits.   

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    1. buckeye75

      No joke and it was a bear (no disrespect to Bear). Thanks to Matt and Zach for no allowing me to quit when I felt I could not continue. Difficult to fight through the cotton-mouth and lack of oxygen and row 2k. Time was 8:13.

      Felt good afterwards.

  1. brad

    no joke, serious business


    Props to Zach for putting up the time to beat, and to Bear for beating by :01. I am inspired to do better next time.

    1. brad

      Zach’s was 7:3? and Bear beat me by a second, 7:51 (forgot that “me” part in the first post). Steve, Jim, Leslie and Lee Ann all rocked it this morning. We gave you 530ers and 630ers something to shoot for.

  2. sleepyjingli

    2K???? with the capital R!!!

    “I can’t think about that right now. I’ll go crazy if I do. I’ll think about that tomorrow. ” — Scarlet O’hara
    This is one reason why I LOVE the master piece Gone With The Wind.

    1. brad

      Juli – your posts are hilarious. Normally, connecting GWTW and CFSB workouts would be a stretch, but you did it.

  3. silverbackmattp

    7:15 @ 21 SPM
    There were some great improvements in technique made today. Keep focusing on the motion and then power will follow. Great job today Silverbacks

  4. Linda

    2K in 9:2?. Can only go up from here. Good working with Cassie, Randy and Theo. Way to show us how it’s done Theo! I don’t know if that was you first workout at CFSB, but you really threw down!

  5. drew

    Great coaching Casey. Thanks for being in my ear and making me slow down!

    Time: 7:06
    Spm: 25-31

    Matt your time one the white board is 7:09.

  6. Dick D

    As usual the rower kicked my tail. I had nothing going after about 500m .

    2K=7:33 at 25-30spm

    I’m determined to get better on this darn machine. They say that 2K should approximate your mile run time but that’s not working for me. I’m thinking my strength needs to come way up in the legs and hips. Probably wouldn’t hurt if I was more flexible as well.

    Thanks for the coaching Casey. I’m normally going at a rate of 35 – 40 spm so this was a little faster than normal (I think my previous 2k was at 8:xx) at a lower rate. More power equaled no feeling in my gluteas maximus when it was over!

  7. Casey

    Oh man………rowing alone is……….lonely. 8:55 with 20-23 spm
    I stayed after the 5AM class to give this a shot. I am positive if Matt had been there yelling at me I would have gotten under 8:45. The last 500m was brutal.

    Great job this morning Corri, Christina, Julie, Drew, Gary and Dick.

    T-shirts are finalized today……….email me if you have a last minute order.

  8. Gary

    Good job with the coaching this morning, Casey. I know I can do better than my 7:58 time. Not feeding the machine enough chain on the recovery as you pointed out.

    Impressive time Drew. You could have made the Harvard row team with a time like that.

    Is there a standard time on 2k row for men?

    1. TimM

      Hey Gary,

      Go to http://www.concept2.com/us/default.asp and click ‘On-Line Tools’ -> ‘On-Line World Rankings’
      If you rowed 2k in 7:00 (for a man) then you’d be in the top 500 times in the world as posted for 2010.

      The website it self is very interesting reading with tips on training, technique, etc – check it out!

    2. Dick D

      Looked up the rankings. In the lightweight division (<165) (I flop back and forth on this one..if I would eat like a normal human I would probably stay under 165) I would be 130's. In the heavyweight division I drop into the mid 800's! remind me to cut weight if I ever go to a rowing comp!

      1. Dick D

        Good deal Drew. I’ll put mine up there as well. I’m pretty sure I’ll be in the mid to high 800’s but I’ll let you know. My ego reeeeaaaallllyyyy wishes I’d lose 5 lbs real quick so I could get into the lightweight div!

  9. sleepyjingli

    Casey, great job coaching this morning.
    It was comforting to hear your cute little voice telling me I am doing great as I tried to survive.
    Well, I did it.
    I try all my might.
    Time: 10:14
    Spm: 26-29
    Since it is my first time row 2k, so I consideered it as my PR.
    I came home use aluminum foil made myself a mini trophy:)

  10. Lori

    To bad I had to miss this weeks training, sounded pretty intense…HOPE to see you guys in the AM!!