WOD: 04-09-2010


WOD: 04-09-2010


Ten rounds for time:

Deadlift (Heavy) x 10

Push Ups x 10

Nico rippin'em off the deck with perfect form on his 10th set!

5 Responses

  1. Casey

    Quite the workout this morning. I did 135lb for DL and 10 rounds was a lot. As usual, after the fact I’m glad I went heavy. I think my time was 12:?? Great end to a tough week. Thanks Matt.

  2. Matt

    14:38 @ 275
    You guys did outstanding this week. Clearly a few of you failed to post your workouts here or on the board, I hope it’s not a concern over pride. Wear what you earn, earn what you wear. If you brought the effort be proud of the performance. One workout left this week, lets burn it down.

  3. drew

    On friday did the following

    Seal complex

    400m run
    20 push ups
    20 atomic sit ups
    20 squat (yes Matt I tried to watch my depth)
    3 rounds 11:07

    Headed to do crossfit total now.

  4. Dick D

    This WOD blew me apart. I think I blew a gasket on 65% of 1 RM ( it was 65% of 1RM right?!).

    Did it at the office so there were interruptions (questions like…so what does that do for you?)

    Push Press: 145 (5), 155(5), 165 (4)
    WOD: 235# DL in 19:45.( I was reduced to 1 rep at a time very quickly!)

    Thanks for listening.

  5. Niko

    This was another humbler of a WOD. I finished in 17:44 with 165LBS and will start creeping up the weight on deadlifts to test my lower back. Once again Matt, thanks for the motivation and the picture. I like the “Exorcist” quality it has.:)