WOD: 04-12-2010


WOD: 04-12-2010


Row x 500m

Thrusters x max reps

Pull Ups x max reps

Rest 2 min

3 Rounds each scored for row time, and reps for both movements.


Some new faces and familiar ones at our first 9:30 women's workout. Nice turnout Lady Silverbacks (honest to goodnes there is no term for a female gorilla, except female gorilla and I know that won't fly).


With a new 1 rep max Casey gets to go heavier in the workout (YEAH)!

Effort and consistency: two things Zach always brings.


13 Responses

  1. sleepyjingli

    Congratulations for the grand completion of the first Lady’s workout!
    Very well done.
    Salute to Coach Casey!

    Welcome Meredith and Christine to join the fun:)

    Lynn, I am so impress with your strong pull ups, and deep squats for the thrusters.

    Matt, you looked so handsome in your civilian cloth.
    If I didn’t sweat like a bunny, I would give you a hug:))

  2. Casey

    That’s a t-shirt!! Can we put a little bow in the Girl-rilla’s hair??
    Did you happen to notice all the pink at 9:30? Women are just plain fun!

    Welcome Christine and Meredith! Christine provided great comic relief and dancing…….you don’t see that at 5AM! Meredith, Awesome form on all movements this morning. Drew, It’s going to get interesting around your house very soon!

    Lynn, Julie, LeeAnn, Leslie and Cassie Thanks so much for being there today. I had a blast and can’t wait for Wednesday!

  3. Tim M

    Interesting workout. Tough doing movements after the row – very mental!
    Rnd1 – 1:43, 8Thrusters (95#), 8PUs
    Rnd2 – 1:44, 9Thrusters (95#), 9PUs
    Rnd3 – 1:49, 7Thrusters (95#), 8PUs

  4. brad

    Good to be back at CFSB after a 4 day layoff. Great workout, aptly named. BWT 1RM thruster! Saw some great numbers on the board tonight.

    Congratulations to Casey and the Girl-illas for a successful 0930 launch. Here’s to many more

  5. Niko

    1 RM for Thruster was 200lbs. Used 135lbs, which was far too heavy a weight, in the WOD and had low reps as result. As Matt has told me, “Leave your ego at the door”.

    1) 1:48 2 / 6 PU’s
    2) 1:55 5 / 5 PU’s
    3) 1:55 4 / 5 PU’s