WOD: 04-14-2010


WOD: 04-14-2010


Each movement 8 rounds of 20 sec work/ 10 sec rest

Push Ups



Box Jumps

Every now and then we set the barbells down for a little blast from the past.  You can score total reps per movement or the lowest rep count set per movement, whatever motivates you to push.


Bear and Cassie sprint to win the warm-up. Yes I said win.


Brothers Randy and Johnny train for sychronized swimming in the 2012 games. Good luck guys.





5 Responses

  1. Casey

    Loved the sprint warm up, well, it helps to have Drew on your team. Nice surprise Matt. Here’s a tip………don’t be late to the workout 🙂

    Drew, I really don’t hate you, I just hate that you beat me. Thanks for letting me chase you this morning. It was definitely motivating and kept my mind off the workout and on the numbers.

    Happy Birthday Jim. If I didn’t think you would make fun of my singing voice I would have led us all in a tribute song.

  2. drew

    Very exciting this morning. Cool warm up. TGU proved to be time consuming this morning but fun. WOD was fun and enjoyed the competition Casey.

  3. Tim M

    Gotta love the Tabatas!
    I liked the warmup too; short but intense.
    I scored the minimums on the Tabata:
    Pushups = 7
    Squats = 16
    Situps = 10
    Box Jumps = 6

  4. Dick D

    did yesterday’s modified in the hotel box (0130 hrs houston time). No rower so the wod was thrusters and lat pulldowns.

    Couldn’t do 1RM Thrusters so 5 x 60kg (30 each hand) or (132 lbs) was the best I could do. These were much easier on the bum hand.

    5 rds of max reps:

    50kg Thrusters
    77kg lat pulldowns

    2 min rest between

    Then did pushups, squats, atomic situps, etc to scare away the boredom. Really missin the box. Can one of you engineering types invent a portable rower that will fit in my roller bag? 🙂

    1. brad

      Dick – are you still doing the triathlon in NOLA this weekend? Keep us posted. Want to see you take the CFSB training to a new level of achievement. BTW – interesting taper program you got going — international travel and homemade wods.