WOD: 04-15-2010


WOD: 04-15-2010

The same as yesterday,  Why?  After the first CrossFit experience if you ask someone what is  the biggest difference the answer almost always comes back “the intensity”.  We encourage this, we teach this, we demand this intensity, it is foundational.  It also will leave you an overtrained heap on the floor if you push too far or worse yet, your intensity begins to diminish.  To solve this and train at optimum levels we ask our athletes to not train more than three consecutive days, our Wed and Thurs  duplication gives athletes some flexibility in their schedules without missing out on a great WOD.

5 Responses

  1. Casey

    I love those WOD’s. You guys are going to have a blast. I’ll be there to cheer you on! I think you guys can definitely do standard. Yeah!!

  2. brad

    OHS and cln n jrk, esp at full depth, will be a challenge. Definitely not going to be fast at those wts. I think Z wants to go std. C, L – how about you? Btw – I’m going to show up earlier at cfsb sat morn to do some pvc practice