WOD: 04-19-2010


WOD: 04-19-2010

“Silverback Test PHD” (Pretty Heavy Dammit)

Deadlift max reps in 2 min

Push Press max reps in 2 min

Front Squat max reps in 2 min

2 min rest between each movement.

Jim gets depth with a great lumbar curve, 4 months ago his air squat didn't look this good. AWESOME WORK SILVERBACK!!!!


Right about here is where Brad figures out whether he is the bug or the windshield.

Johnny starting to uncover the intensity it takes to achieve as a Silverback.

13 Responses

  1. Casey

    I really like this WOD. Great crew this morning.
    35 DL, 135
    27 PP, 65
    27 FS, 85 – this certainly could have been heavier……..looking forward to a new PR soon I think

    Awesome job Girl-rillas! Going heavy, going fast, getting strong! Love it!

  2. Gary

    Coming in later today. Looking forward to it. Have to hit the road tomorrow morning. Matt, what’s the theme this week, so I can continue with a complimentary “road WOD”?

  3. Tim M

    Ugghhh – too much beer & bad food this weekend, and MAN do my numbers show it.
    PUs were 6-5-5 (not too bad, PR is 7)
    DL’s – could only pull it 21 times
    Shoulder Press – 24 (push press bothers my shoulder)
    Back Squat – 12 squats (Front Squat bothers my shoulder too).
    Gotta get back on the Paleo now . . . . .