WOD: 04-20-2010


WOD: 04-20-2010

“409” (Power Cleans get it?)

Power Cleans x 15

Box Jumps x 20

3 rounds for time

Jim and Bear bringing the "A Game" at 5:00 am

Everybody "Pushing Hard"


Steve has "a moment" during the WOD (sometimes the best pictures are the ones I take on accident).

7 Responses

  1. brad

    Jim – great form on the front squats yesterday and today’s clean! Elbows going high and wide, explosive hip and trap shrug. Nice.

  2. drew

    409…Very funny Matt. Great clinic this morning excited to move into O lifts! Fun workout should have gone a bit heavier (115lbs) finished in 7:00.

  3. laura

    I meant to be there at 530a this morning…..but uhhhh my bed wouldn’t let me out…. 🙂
    I’ll be there at 630p

  4. dick d

    It would appear that I missed yet another quality day of training. UUUUgggggghhhhh. I read somewhere that this stinkin valcano erupted for 13 straight months the last time it got pissed. That could really upset my lifestyle. Anybody got a direct line to mother nature? I need to discuss a few things with her….