WOD: 04-21-2010


WOD: 04-21-2010

“Dirty Thirty”  Most of you know I am not a fan of “chippers”, but the test of will is undeniable, the opportunities to hide and skate are equal to those to excel.  Every athlete has to decide it they treat this as a grocery list of movements to be checked off in a methodical manner or attack the whole, aggressively breaking off pieces and destroying them with intensity before moving on to the next opportunity for victory.

30 of each for time:

Pull Ups

Box  Jumps

KB Swings



Wall Ball

Push Press


Walking Lunges

Double Unders

Lee Anne and Lynn throw down as some of the "Girl-rillas" from 9:30 am womens' class invaded the 5:00 am.

If you Catholic, this is called prayers for intercession, if you CrossFit it's called "middle of the workout".

21 Responses

  1. Tim M

    NOT K2E’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guess it’s time to practice something I’m not good at.

    Prayers for Intercession – good one!

    1. Linda

      No there were no K2E’s Tim. and thank you soooo much for bringing that to fearless leaders attention. Sleep with one eye open 🙂

      1. silverbackmattp

        0500 got off the hook due to logistics, the rest of you may not be so lucky, and nothing escapes my attention in the box

      2. Linda

        SLACKER?! Oh no you DIDN’T!!(HEAD CIRCLE AND FINGER WAG). Just kidding, big hug…sleep upstairs and sleep with one eye open. :0

  2. Linda

    Worked out with the girl-illas today and was inspired. Did 45# for push press, and used the 25# KB. Christine did the last few lunges with me and Julie helped me finish off my last few burpees. Note to self, don’t leave burpees as the last event. My time 23:15- “WHO’S THE MAMA!” put my first time in for dirty 30, can only get better.

  3. brad

    The results from the BCCF event have been posted for the scaled division. In short, we got smoked on the second wod — 8th place by my estimation. Overall, finished 6th. Not bad but certainly disappointing after the first wod. We were neither fast nor repped high numbers. Clearly, Team Better Looking Than You was in a class by themselves; they won both wods. I calculated different results for 2nd and 3rd. But we definitely were middle of the pack compared to the first five teams.

    Oh well, back to CFSB with even greater determination.

    1. silverbackmattp

      If you win both scaled WOD’s and not by a little bit, maybe you’re just competing in the wrong class. Or maybe I’m bitter. Probably a little of both, so sue me.

    2. Linda

      For a box that opened 6 months ago and the great athletes who stepped up. I think ya’ll were FANTASTIC!!

  4. buckeye75

    Great work-out, glad the KTE were dropped. Thatwould have been difficult. Enjoying the “O” lift learning (or re-learning). Did cleans with 95#. Completed the WOD in 14:39.

  5. laura

    time was slow due to hanging around trying to get all 30 pull ups down…. BLAH!
    I WILL do it!
    time 17:30

  6. drew

    Fun times…Excited to do all kipping pull ups in the WOD. Next time will do all 30 straight. Time: 14:06.

  7. Casey

    Superb effort Girl-rillas……….Meredith, we missed you!!
    Karen, Julie, Linda and Christine, I couldn’t have asked for more from you guys this morning…………way to dig deep!

    Hopefully will be at the 5AM group tomorrow. 14:06………..I’ll be dreaming of that number tonight 🙂

    1. Karen

      It was my first time to do the “dirty thirty.” It was tough for me but I fought every step of the way and I finished…huge for me.!!! Thanks ladies for all your support!! Thanks Casey!

  8. Lynn

    My Grocery List today completed in 19:27

    Sit-Ups, check
    Box Jumps, check
    Burpees, check
    Double Unders (reg. jump rope), check
    KB Swings, check
    Wall Ball (squats w/WB due to shoulder), check
    Push Press (SDHP due to shoulder), check
    Pull Ups, check – thanks for your help Jimbo
    Walking Lunges, check
    KTE – Thank goodness I didn’t have to check this off!

  9. Tim M


    Definitely want to do the Burpees first! After that it’s fairly uniform suckiness.

    Great job Liz & Mia, way to kick it your first day!!!!