WOD: 04-23-2010

8 Responses

  1. Bear

    My first post. Just to say thanks to everyone. I’ve lost 32pounds so far and feel great. Thanks for all the encouragement.

    1. silverbackmattp

      Carefull or your going to need a new nickname. Your results are testimony to your effort and consistency. WAY TO GO!!

  2. drew

    Bear that is great! Very impressive! Keep up the good work!

    Time 8:56
    DL-235 – Thats right I chickened out on the actual 65% of 255 and left the 10lb plates on the ground.

  3. sleepyjingli

    Bear, you lost 32lb in how long? about two months? That’s incredible!

    Whisperrrrr- today’s workout is not nearly as hard as the Dirty Thirty.


    My workout clothes weight 2lbs after the workout. Is that say something to you:))

    Time: 8:15
    DL: 55lb
    Pull up with purple + teal band.

  4. Casey

    11:00…………not pretty…….I’ve got to get faster pull ups………..really had nothing in the tank after my D30 yesterday……….135/115DL, 24box, kipping

    Gir-rillas rocked it this morning…………good clean clinic and superb effort in the WOD!