WOD: 04-26-2010

3 Responses

  1. Linda

    Girrrrl-illas rock! We had a great group this morning. Most agreed that “Mr. Tabata” is not our friend.
    Max pull ups 8-8-7 (ohhh I can just taste that teal band)
    Box jumps 16″- 6
    KB (35#)- 5
    Row- 37cal
    Sit up- 8 ( thanks Leslie for encouraging me those last couple of rounds to keep that great 8). Coach Casey, awesome as always. General shout out to Christine, Meredith (want to have your pull up skills),Karen and Tracey.

  2. brad

    The Senior Golf tour, Master’s Tennis tournaments, Legend’s baseball games…all boring as hell. But a master’s division in the 2010 Crossfit games? Now that has some potential, especially when the announced wods look very familiar – something derivative of Helen, 1RM thruster, and a CTB Cindy. Hmm, I could do these wods and compare results exactly to the age 50+ competitors at the regionals.

    I’m just saying…..