WOD: 04-30-2010


WOD: 04-30-2010

(?…. named but lost to the spreadsheet)  I have a feeling Brad or Tim will come thru for me.

We moved alot of heavy weights this week in some very intense workouts (thrusters, back squats, turkish get-ups, just to name a few heavy movements this week)  So let’s pin our ears back and drop the hammer with a drag race style sprint.

As a team of 3  each member completes 7 rounds of the following relay style:

7 Box Jumps

7 Push Ups

7 Wall Balls

With 5 teams this morning, the joint was rocking.  Way to go Silverbacks, ending the work week with a bang.

Based on a workout by Matt M. at CrossFit Champions

9 Responses

    1. Linda

      Hah!! the WOD was called”Screaming Sevens Relay” and we did it on 2-27-10. I remember Steve was my partner. Now I am a little scared that I have this much information.

  1. brad

    The only “7” workout I have is Scary Sevens, but that was a row, back squat, deadlift routine.

    I’ll be there tonight at 5:30; I need two partners!

  2. Casey

    Oh, I think I wrote Scary Seven’s on the board……sorry, maybe we could call it Spicy Seven’s!!

    I love this workout and the Girl-illas rocked it this morning! Welcome Crystal, great job!

  3. Linda

    I get really good partners for this event. First time Steve and this time Rachael and Janet. They really kept going and finished strong. Our time 15:05 with the 16″ box and 6# wall balls.
    Zach have a good time at the warrior dash on Saturday. Be Careful! (sorry, the mom in me slips out sometimes) Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  4. Bear

    I would call something like @#$%%& sevens. But that’s just me. Fun workout and I did the 24″ box for the first time

    1. Casey

      Great job on the 24″ box Bear! If I’m not mistaken you also moved to the blue band this month……….look out guys!