WOD: 06-01-2010


WOD: 06-01-2010

Should just call this “The Hangover” as everyone seemed a couple horse power short after a “warm” weather Murph yesterday.  Congratulations to everyone who rolled out of bed and made it this morning after such a great effort yesterday.  Consistency and dedication will always produce superior results.

Perform 21, 15, 9, 6 of:


Box Jump

Go means GO!!!


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  1. Bear

    I enjoyed some chocolate covered pecans yesterday and boy did I feel it this morning. But they sure were good. Did 95# thrusters and 24″ box. Time 10:20

  2. buckeye76

    This one was tough after “Murph”. Even NTD hurt! Nice job to all this morning. I thrusted only 75 lbs (knew 95 lbs would fight back) and 24′ box. Time was 9:36.

  3. buckeye76

    Oh ya, I forgot to give “props” to Lynn for her efforts today after her strenuous WOD of 5-31-10 “walking the dog”. Love ya, 🙂

  4. Gary

    Well, that certainly wasn’t “50 Do-Nuthins”, like Matt hinted yesterday for today’s workout. Thrusters and boxjumps with dead legs was a good time. Posted 8:24m with 75lb and 24″ box. Need to go heavier next time.

    Broke through a mental and physical barrier today by deadlifting 305lb x 3 reps today. My previous 1RM was 305lb which I posted back in December when I hurt my back. Thanks to Matt for your patience and helping me work through the injury.

    Good to see Dick back at it in Silverback territory.

    And, Jim, you shouldn’t be so sensitive. Lynn was just giving you much needed love and encouragement. You guys are too funny.

  5. Kyle

    Deadlift felt good today, maybe a 3 rep PR of 255. 75lb Thrusters were a bit much and I fell apart towards the end. Take care of that shoulder Gary.

  6. Casey

    9:16 65lb thrusters, 24″ box
    Very, very ugly this morning……….and the day hasn’t gotten any better……….thought I needed a nap but now I can barely move………it’s all upper body for me……….I feel like a rusty lawn chair trying to unfold……………tomorrow 5AM………….probably not.

      1. Casey

        Jim, It’s just wrong to call a girl out like that! I say you get paleo pancakes for a week!!

  7. drew

    It seems it is painful to loose chunks of skin from your hand. Hands feeling more normal now but DOMS is in effect. Will be at the 5AM class tomorrow. Sorry I misssed 1RM DL.

  8. Gary

    Casey,… Thursday is the same WOD as Wednesday. Get some extra z’s tomorrow and we’ll see you Thurs a.m. Like you, I’m a hurting unit today. It’s a “good” hurt, though.

    Drew, you didn’t miss 1RM DL. We did 3×3.

  9. Linda

    Went there, did workout with 45# bar, forgot to write down my time. Energy all gone. nite nite.

  10. Tim M

    Ugggh, that was a horrible performance.
    Couldn’t even DL 295 once (3Rnd PR is 305)
    Took 7:41 using 65# Thrusters & 24″ Box.

    Big CFSB welcome to Erica & Jackie ! !

  11. Dick D

    Just got in to the hotel. I guess y’all are doing wed. WOD right about now. Murph and Hangover as my first two days back does not make a happy body. Good night

    Oh, 95# Thrusters and 24″ box for 10:0? and a 305 3RM DL

    Good to be back.