WOD: 06-02-2010

7 Responses

      1. laura

        I’m not 100% yet…still finishing the second round of antibiotics but I can’t stand to not work out anymore especially after a fun, long weekend at the river and eating/drinking REALLY POORLY!

  1. Bear

    Well that officially sucked! Worked outside in the heat all day so I was already beat when i got to the box. Used 75# for OHS and carried this big body around the building more times than i wanted to. Time 22:10 I think. Thank goodness for Thursdays…

  2. brad

    Welcome to the Segers family. Nice showing for the first workout.

    Jim – your OHS form and numbers are great.

    wod 16:25 @ 75 lb OHS

    75 OHS probably doubled my previous lifetime output

  3. Dick D

    Hope to get through customs in time to make it Thursday evening. Probably let the teenager drive so y’all might want to move with caution if you are driving on cypresswood or t.c. jester around 5 or 6! I think I’m looking forward to overhead squats more than sitting in the passenger seat….kind of.