WOD: 06-03-2010


WOD: 06-03-2010

“Nancy”; just cant get enough of that girl! OK, really we always duplicate the workouts on Wednesday and Thursday to ensure that our athletes give themselves appropriate rest on one of those two days while we are able to keep the whole gym on the same schedule (progress).  Either way, Friday is non-negotiable.

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  1. drew

    This morning ran outside a bit to knead the dough. Then did a interval wanm up on the elliptical (thought it was going to break a couple of times) then:
    50 push ups
    50 sit ups
    50 flutterkicks (4 count)
    3 rounds for time: 18:32

  2. laura

    OHS 95#

    WOD 23:17 with 55# for OHS

    I was sure that it would be 3 rounds…..boy was I wrong….

    this one was really tough for me with my breathing the way it is currently….I am almost over it though. YAY!

      1. Tim M

        You sure that’s wise Laura?
        2WODs in one day is pretty strenuous and you’ve already mentioned above that you’re not completely over your illness.
        Tuesdays WOD was Thrusters/Box-Jumps; 21-15-9-6 and it REALLY sucks the wind out of you.

      2. laura

        I posted my info from yesterday… 🙂
        I didn’t workout this morning….but I didn’t workout monday or tues this week so I don’t need thurs off 🙂

      3. laura

        oh and also why does Tues WOD on site here say DL and box jump?? but everyone posted Thruster/box jump?? confused?

  3. buckeye76

    Brad, something wrong when you have a smile on your face when doing OHS. I assume it was your first of 75! Nice form.

    1. brad

      I think that’s more of a grimace than smile. And I hope I was getting deeper than that. Felt like I was.

      Don’t know why I had never tried Nancy before, but I really liked this wod. Something cool about combining a technical move with a straightforward run. One requires thought, concentration, balance. The other pure guts.

  4. Gary

    Not sure I made depth at all on my OHS as I was distracted by my dead arm issues. Arm and hand are still numb and tingling. Doctor says I strained a nerve in my my neck/shoulder that has affected my whole arm. Feeling good about my improvements lately, and not going to let it stop me. Nothing that a few anti-inflamatories can’t fix.

    I think my time was 18:24m. Good job Christina for kicking my butt today.

    Bay fishing tomorrow. See everyone on Saturday.

  5. Christina

    OHS are NOT my thing and the only reason I beat you honey was because I was doing 15 lbs! My shoulder is really sore from this move, probably one of my least favorite workouts, but oh well, it didn’t kill me…I’m still sore from Murph though and I think that WOD should count for one week of going to the box!

    My time was 17:something. Good job Rachel, Amy and Gary!

  6. Tim M

    Tough workout but I liked it.
    Time was 19:48 w/75#
    Christina – I’m sore too! My lats are KILLING me from all those pull-ups.